With glow in the dark technology becoming more popular, we took a look at some of the most innovative glow applications on the market today. Here are few favorites that range from funky to practical applications that make use of the latest advancements in glow technology.

Glow-in-the-Dark-BagsStop Fumbling in a Dark Handbag
  Ever searched for items in your purse in the dark? Some handbag makers are convinced that adding glow will help you locate them faster. Designer JosephNicloa created a handbag with glow in the dark lining. Hot designer Alexander Wang also launched a glowing handbag line featuring Wang’s special hardware details. At night, the handbag transforms into a bright glowing green. Now you can see and be seen!

An Easy Read at Night  If you ever thought about reading a book when the lights go out, then this idea is for you! Croatian designers Bruketa & Zinic created a book titled “Great Ideas Glow in the Dark” that can only be read in the dark. In daylight, it looks like a white blank book but in darkness, the cover, spine and pages of the book all glow brightly. Not your average bedtime reading! If Kayne West is more your style, you can pick up his book “Are You Ready To Glow in the Dark?” This book does not actually glow but Kayne’s art will keep you up late at night, reading of course.

Glow in the Dark Pet CollarKeep Your Pet Bright and Visible  It is a real concern for pet owners to think that your cherished family dog could go missing in the dark. Now there are collars that feature high performance glow materials to help you keep an eye on your furry friends. The people at Republic of Paws offer the “Click n Glo Safety Ring.” The collar is like a glowing necklace with an attractive clip that clasps magnetically. When pets are out at night, this is a good choice to see where they are. With these new pet products, nighttime visibility will improve for you and your pets!

Brighten Your Pathway  Want that extra glowing highlight for your garden at night without the worry of wires, bulbs or batteries? A great alternative is to add a glow around your yard that is powered by natural light. You can add glowing rope trim or glowing pathway markers without wires, bulbs or electricity involved. These new glow garden products are maintenance free and provide a cool and moon-like glow at night for your outdoor spaces. Best viewed in total darkness these glow products offer innovative edging, without the hassles of traditional lighting. Whether you are designing a new space, or decorating a garden, new high performance glow materials offer eco-friendly illumination with style and beauty for any outdoor area.


Emily-Glow-Corset-Light Up Your Wardrobe  Today’s apparel companies are discovering new ways to add glow and style to clothing. One of our favorites is Artifice Clothing, who designs glow apparel that is sexy with the lights on or off. Cosabella’s new Glow in the dark collection features lingerie that glows in the dark. The photo luminescent materials are actually part of the fabric so there is no worry of washing away the magic-its made to glow forever. High end Italian designer Stone Island offers extraordinary jackets and outerwear with glowing accents and trim. These luminescent jackets are made of lightweight waterproof material that glow bright green in darkness.

Glowing Lights in the Darkest Storm  When the power goes out at night, do you search for a flashlight, but cannot find it? Sometimes we need a flashlight just to look for the flashlight! With the evolution of new glow in the dark materials, companies have created flashlights that glow so that you can easily find them in the dark. Two companies who see the light are Fulton and American Science and Surplus. In daylight, their flashlight products appear in neutral colors. When darkness falls, they turn a glowing green or blue. Both products are highly visible when you are looking for a flashlight when the lights go out.

Bright Beauty  Two well-known cosmetic companies created make-up that is neutral by day and actually glows in the dark. Trendy brand Stila offers the “After Dark” line with a lip crayon that appears professional during the day and brings out your wild side at night when it starts to glow. Another company, London based, Ciate, released a glow line including glow nail polish. Under UV lights the color shines with a bright glow. It is great for the transition from a business look by day that morphs into a glowing look at night.

Tent with Glowing TrimFind Your Campsite in the Dark  Many campsites look the same at night, so it’s easy to get lost after sundown. Several major camping companies are adding glow to their tents for better visibility and also for personalization MSR has a line of glow zipper pulls to help locate a zipper on tent flaps and sleeping bags. Cascade Designs has added a glow in the dark valve to their top brand of self-inflating mattresses, Therm-a-Rest. Adding a luminescent touch can definitely help you better enjoy the outdoors at night!

Casting and Catching with Glow  Is nighttime the right time to catch fish? Many say yes. Tackle 2000 offers a glow in the dark bobber, known as the “Rocket Bobber Night Stalker.” This bobber highlights even the lightest nibbles as it glows brightly in darkness. Berkley has a casting rod that is called the “Glowstik” with a vibrant nightglow to indicate when you have a fish on the line. And that’s no fish tale!


bw_Hoops-v2-300x204Nighttime Hula Hooping  Hula hooping is something that has been around for a long time, whether it is just for fun or exercise. Hula hooping is now more popular than ever as festivals such as Electric Forest and Burning Man provide venues for hula hoopers to show off their glowing style. Discount Hoop Supply offers one of the best selections of glow hoops in a full rainbow of colors. Light up the night!