7 Dumbest Glow in the Dark Ideas

Now our loyal fans know that we love everything that glows. But sometimes even we think some ideas are just silly, potentially harmful or downright weird. We have collected some items that may rival the dumbest non-glow category such as a silent alarm clock, inflatable dartboard or a fire alarm with a snooze bar.


Here are some of our favorite dumb ideas using glow in the dark:

Corn_Holders-Glow-2-300x2921) Glow in the Dark Corn on the Cob Holders:
Talk about an illogical idea, we just cannot see needing a solution for eating corn on the cob (or the rest of your dinner) in complete darkness. Unfortunately, the glow emitted from these small corn holders won’t really be enough to see what you are eating.

Maybe they could be repurposed as glow in the dark corn shaped earrings. Yes we know, that’s a pretty corny idea as well!

2) Bubble Bath Made with Liquid Glow Sticks:  It’s never a good idea to break open a one-use liquid glow stick and release the chemicals inside. The chemicals inside glow sticks can remove the finish off of furniture. Imagine what that could do to your skin. Pouring them into bubble bath can potentially cause skin and eye irritation.  In addition, glow sticks have a small glass tube inside of them, so you also run the risk of having glass chards in the tub.  Not Good!!

However, if made safely, glow in the dark bubbles is really a cool idea. Check out safe and nontoxic Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath products at retailers like Amazon. What a great way to tempt that resistant child into a bathtub at night.  Kids may even end up asking, “is it bath time yet?”

Razor_and_No-Soap-300x1983) Glow in the Dark razor:
Yes we are talking about the kind of razor that you shave with (Not the glow in the dark Razor scooter that is actually very cool!).  This glow in the dark razor may look alluring but is probably not the best choice for shaving.

Maybe there are some situations where it may make sense to shave in darkened conditions; like camping for example.  However, full darkness, sharp objects and glow in the dark does not seem like a safe combination.

The glow in the dark from this razor would not emit enough light to see where you are shaving. While trying to shave around delicate curves you may need more bandages than you have on hand!

Glow-Sticks-and-Cieling-Fan-2-300x1624) Glow Sticks Taped to a Ceiling Fan:
Yes this looks great when the fan is stationary or possibly at the slowest speed. It may even appear psychedelic. But what happens when the fan is accidentally turned on a higher speed and the glow sticks become unhinged?  Yes, you now have glow in the dark walls and furniture that look like it just came out of the 70’s.  You could always then invite friends over dressed in retro 70’s garb to help you clean up while listening to some Pink Floyd.

5)  Glow in the Dark Food with No Natural Ingredients: Now some foods like ripe bananas look naturally bright and glowy under black lights. However, adding artificial glow ingredients can be a recipe for disaster. So use common sense when choosing ingredients to achieve a glowing effect with food.

There are ways to make glow in the dark Jell-O by adding quinine water. The addition of quinine water can make the Jell-O glow under black lights. If you don’t like the taste, you can always use the gelatinous material for slime!

There is also a genetically modified brand of glowing fish. These fish were originally developed as pets but are now being harvested for sushi. Just think, you could eat your glow in the dark sushi with glow in the dark chopsticks in a black-lit sushi bar. Weird or delicious? You decide!

6) Glow in the Dark Nail Polish Created by Opening a Liquid Glow Stick: Sure it sounds easy enough! Just break a glow in the dark stick if you can manage it without harming yourself, then pour a little mixture into a bottle of clear nail polish and put it on! Glow stick chemicals are not intended be opened (see point 2 above) and come in contact with skin. So choose the sensible path and buy a premixed glow in the dark nail polish product. It’s much safer and easier. Plus your cuticles will thank you.

Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper: Everyone’s favorite! Not a bad idea for locating your TP in darkness.  But wait, did you read the fine print? Some manufacturers advise that you only use their glowing toilet paper for “decorative purposes”.  Wonder what that means and what the consequences could be.  Would you actually glow after usage? Better not wear any thin white pajamas or you may end up looking like a spooky ghost cartoon. Who you gonna call???

Have you seen any strange ideas using glow in the dark? If yes, please let us know.  We would love to add them to our list!