It’s summertime and that means summer parties can extend into delightfully longer relaxed evenings. If you are hosting any, it’s a great time to decorate outside spaces with the coolest illuminating night effects. Add glow in the dark accents to make your home pop at night and your party the place to be!

1. Glow Poolside
Swimming-Pool-At-Night-1-300x199Whether you have an above or in ground pool, glowing rope trim will look fantastic and add fun to nighttime swimming. Outlining the darker edges of an aboveground pool with bright glow in the dark accents will help your guests see the boundaries plus lends that special allure for nighttime pool parties. You could also cut glow ribbon or glow sheets into wide flat strips for stapling to the leading edges of any wooden steps that may need to be navigated, especially on the far side of a pool where house lighting never reaches.

2. Decorate Your Hoops and Nets

When kids start playing sports, they don’t stop for anything, other than food, not even the dark. They can score every time when you add an element of glow in the dark to their outdoor activities. For improved visibility, use glow trim to outline a soccer net or backboard and rim of a basketball hoop. Not only will this aid children playing sports at night, but it will make for great nighttime decoration. Glow ribbon can be wrapped securely around small hoop diameters to identify where the points will count.

3. Go All Out on Your Garage

Worried about scraping the side of your car at night because you can’t see the garage entrance clearly? Believe it or not, a significant number of people damage their side-view mirrors or sideswipe their bumpers due to decreased visibility of garage entrances at night. You can help prevent this by lining the side edges of the garage entrance with photoluminescent rope trim, glow tape or glowing polymer ribbon. On the darkest night you will have better visualization of the garage entrance and can drive in without further worry. Using glow in the dark illumination is non-disruptive to neighbors plus adds an awesome, softly lit accessory to your house.

4. Deck Out Your Deck
deck-night_0000_night-300x200Having company over at night is pretty much a staple of summer fun. Adding glow in the dark accents to your deck or porch will make your celebration the talk of the town, or at least impress your friends and family. Adding glow in the dark accents to your deck can also provide visual precautions. Lining dark edges with glow can prevent someone from missing a step. Not only does the glow accent the steps and rails of the deck or porch, but it adds a measure of safety especially in yards with no additional lighting. Having the options of round glow trim or lay-flat glow sheets gives you plenty of choices to select the right product for each specific glow project.

5. Make Your Shed Shine
Cabin_in_Woods-v3-300x200Ever need to get something out of your shed at night? Whether it’s because you can’t see or because you’re afraid scary critters will pop out at you, or maybe a little bit of both, it’s a great idea to attach glow here. Glowing accent lines that outline the shed or doors make you feel more secure about approaching your shed in the dark. Plus adding night glow looks fantastic and is a stylish addition to any dark yard. Just remember wider the glow strip, the farther you will see it from a distance. So if critters make you nervous, cut and secure nice wide piece from Hi Viz glow sheets to the door frame. Having the brightest glow possible from the farthest distance is worth peace of mind.

6. Spice Up Your Swing Set

Even after a busy day playing outside, kids usually want to prolong the day with a few extra minutes of fun. For added illumination add some lighting magic to the yard. Winding glow in the dark rope through swing chains looks impressive and makes the swings more visible. Moreover, if there is a wavy slide attached to each swing set, it will shine with glow sheets attached to the sides. Your kids will have more fun swinging longer into the night on play sets that glow as nighttime descends.

7. Make Your Tree House Magical

Have a tree house? Outline that too! Adding glow to a tree house and the accompanying ladder in the summer makes it feel like Christmas in July! By decorating a tree house with glow in the dark trim or ribbon, you get the added benefit of getting to see a beautifully decorated house in the comfort of your own yard. In addition, adding glow in the dark accents to a tree house and ladder make it safer for children to climb up and down the ladder at night.

8. Make Your Garden Glow
Zen-Garden2-300x201Garden landscapes by day are beautiful (if you’re lucky enough to have a green thumb), so why not view them at night too? All the effort put into your landscape should be enjoyed as much as possible. From bioluminescent plants to photoluminescent materials, there are many choices for making your garden glow. Here’s an interesting decorating tip: surround your garden with glow in the dark trim or outline the walking path using glow ribbon or glow sheet strips. These photoluminescent materials are daylight activated, so there are no batteries, bulbs or wires needed. Simply sit outside and enjoy your garden setting as darkness descends. You can also enjoy the starry night, because unlike invasive landscape lighting, glow in the dark will never interfere with seeing the beauty of the stars on a clear summer night.