Creating Costumes and Decor with Glow in the Dark Materials

Halloween_Witch_Blue-1-300x200One of our favorite holidays, Halloween is coming up in just a couple weeks. This year it will be made even more fun by falling on a Saturday. It’s time to start thinking about costume ideas and begin turning ideas into finished designs.

Adding glowing elements to your costume design can make a big difference both in standing out from the crowd and in improving personal safety when trick or treating in darkened neighborhoods.

There are many ways to brighten up your costumes with glowing features. These can include single use glow sticks, LED’s and EL wire. An excellent alternative is new high performance glow in the dark materials. These can be easily added to costumes, party decorations and outside the home to add some spooky ambience. With a few simple techniques, you can create your own unique look with glow in the dark materials.
Halloween-Ribbon-300x224Lunabrite glow in the dark materials are lightweight, maintenance free and work without batteries, bulbs and wires. These materials glow in the dark and easily re-charge when activated by lamplight or sunlight. Although not as bright as LED, electrical wired bulbs or glow sticks, it is completely safe for children, in all weather conditions, and is endlessly re-useable. Black lights accentuate Lunabrite’s glow for both viewing and re-charging.

Lunabrite is available in rope trim, ribbon and glow sheets that are ideal for adding to costume design. All of these materials can be sewn, stapled or glued to clothing, wood or metal. For more tips on sewing check out this blog Sewing and Glowing.

You can use a marker, ink or rubber stamp to print on Lunabrite Ribbon or Glow Sheets to create special effects. Also, the materials can be cut into custom shapes such as pumpkins, bats or ghosts using scissors or simple hole punch tools.
Halloween-party-v2-300x200Lunabrite rope and ribbon appear in a natural neutral color in daylight or room light and will be most visible with exposure to either under black lights or in full darkness. New Neon Glow Sheets are available in bright, highly visible Daytime colors featuring brilliant nightglows in darkness adding to your creative options.

For best results, we recommend Lunabrite be used in situations that are as fully dark as possible (without competing lights) or with blacklights that serve both to charge and highlight the materials while exposed to them.

Fun Halloween suggestions:
Costumes: Tron, vampires, skeleton, aliens and robots all benefit from adding an eerie glow. Lunabrite also provides an extra level of visibility while outdoors trick or treating in the dark.
Use Lunabrite trim to decorate railings, trails or walkways. It works well outdoors and is weather resistant.

Have a happy Halloween!