Summer is in full swing and for many of us that means vacations and long lingering weekends at lakes, rivers and beaches. We are drawn to water for hours of fun fishing, boating and paddle boarding, not just during the day, but at night too. Ever wonder if Lunabrite glow in the dark materials can be safe and reliably used in water? Let’s answer that question in today’s blog!

Glow Crystals and Water
Crystal-White-300x276The active ingredient in high performance photoluminescent materials are the amazing glow crystals. In their natural state, the crystals are very tough and will stand up well against the most powerful natural forces such as cold, heat and prolonged UV exposure. The crystals are quite hard like precious gem stones. They actually have a measurable hardness value equivalent to a ruby.

Despite their incredible strength and durability, when placed directly in water in their natural form, the glow crystals slowly begin to break down. This can result in diminished glow output and decreased performance. The good news is we can prevent this by encapsulating the crystals in a special coating that ensures water will not penetrate. If you are working on a project that involves water based formulas with raw crystals, be sure to specify and order the encapsulated, water resistant version.

Wash and Wear?
Midnight-Blue-Night1-300x200All Lunabrite glow in the dark materials are made with nontoxic polymer materials that can be safely used both in and around water. Lunabrite glowing Rope Trim, Illuminating Ribbon, Glow Sheets and Resin all feature water resistant durable base materials that are machine washable and dryer tolerant.

You can add special glow in the dark features to shirts, caps, backpacks and costumes knowing they are still wash and wear for easy care.

Danger-Free Zone

Additionally, there are no batteries, wires or bulbs to cause potential concern when placed in water. There are no electrical hazards because Lunabrite is re-charged by natural UV daylight. Your children and pets are completely safe to play and enjoy the magic of glow anywhere, including the backyard splash pool, bathtub or water slide.

Under Water
Glowing-Fishing-300x212The best glow in the dark materials can be ideal for specific fishing and marine applications. Anglers are sometimes faced with the challenge of overcoming dark and murky water yet determined to catch that finicky fish. It has been noted that light catches the attention of fish and can invite them to bite.

One multipurpose feature of high performance glow materials is they remain visible and long lasting far below the surface of water. Custom lures and worms made with glow in the dark materials make the bait more interesting and more visible to certain deep sea fish.

Helpful Hint: if you pack a small UV flashlight in your bait box, you can fully recharge your lures periodically to assure brightest glow and maximum temptation.

So enjoy the water wherever you can find it, before summer is over. And absolutely bring Lunabrite along to brighten up your outdoor water adventures!