For many of us, it wouldn’t be summer without the excitement, lights and sounds of festivals after sunset. You’re lucky if you’ve already been to Electric Forest, Bonnaroo or the Electric Daisy Carnival. And one of the best experiences is Burning Man in August featuring some of the most incredible art installations you will ever see.

When creating festival-inspired clothing, distinctive artwork or a customized personal vehicle, glow in the dark materials can add unique accents to enhance your nighttime celebrations. Less bright than LED or EL wiring, the glow of photoluminescent materials is strongest in very dark environments such as campsites, or in private areas without competing lights. Glow in the dark materials work well under black lights, that continually charge the material, and will stay brightly illuminated under these special UV enhanced lights.

If you are thinking of adding glow in the dark features to your festival fun, here are a few suggestions.

For small, close up applications from clothing to camping, Lunabrite round glow rope trim offers a bright glow in a 360-degree format, easily seen from all angles. It has a small side edge allowing for secure attachment to cloth, wood, plastic or metal. Durable in all weather conditions, glow rope trim is exceptional for outdoor settings.

For distant and larger areas, Lunabrite Ribbon is offered in 2.5” wide rolls resulting in a larger are of bright glow. This tough translucent material is weather hardy and ideal when a double-sided glow effect is essential.

Sewing Lunabrite materials onto costumes or clothing is easy, we invite you to follow our tips in this blog post. For decorating your outdoor space with glow, additional ideas are suggested here.

Is Color your thing? Neon glow sheets come in many vibrant daytime colors that look fantastic during the day, then glow bewitchingly in the dark of night or under black lights. Neon Glow Sheets are offered in 6 brilliant daytime colors with coordinating nightglows. They are available with or without 3M peel and stick adhesive backing, so you can add a quick colorful glow to almost any project.

Create your own dramatic glow for summer’s darkest nights. Let dazzling glow extend your nights of endless summer enjoyment.