What on earth is glamping? Put simply, it’s going camping but fancying it up …a lot! Why go camping and suffer like it’s the 1800’s? With a little creative thought, you can make this common outdoor activity superbly glamorous by adding modern amenities and sophisticated embellishments that will make your camping trip memorable and way more enjoyable. Bravo’s Housewives of OC and NY have done it, and boy it looks like fun (minus the extra housewives mayhem, we mean). With a few handy tips from our glamping aficionados, you will be ready to go glamping yourselves, drama free!

  1. Glamping-with-Style-300x206Research the destination before you start packing. This is crucial to successful glamping. Social media, maps and destination-specific blogs are perfect to get a feel for the area you will be glamorizing. Knowing in advance about special site features and even the terrain is essential, especially when deciding how extreme you can go in embellishing your site. For example if you’re in a very rocky area, bringing large, bulky items might not be the best idea. Do they offer a secluded heavily forested site or a flat, open lake front view? Each site might have extra benefits once you start imagining your layout. It also helps to know what fun day trips/activities you can do in the area to maximize your experience.
  2. Picnic-Table-LakeV2-198x300What do you bring? Glamping is all about adding luxurious amenities to personalize your outdoor experience. How high you set the bar will define your glamping experience. No pressure right? It’s actually very easy, you simply bring the best of the indoors outside! Transform your basic campsite into an alfresco living room. Bring out fashionable wooden side tables, extra-large candles, a comfy beanbag seat, and your Adirondack chairs combined with fluffy pillows and warm blankets! You want to recreate that cozy in-home feeling, without the walls and ceilings. Another glam bonus to bring is wind chimes or vintage yard art. To really top it off, upgrade your personal space with a stylish rug or sophisticated canopy. Moving your finest amenities outside will improve your glamping ambience. Just remember whatever goes outside, might have to be protected if it rains. So bring a few extra-large tarps in case an unexpected downpour develops quickly.
  3. RV_at_Burning_Man.Final_-300x200Make it Special with Glow! If you’re like us and savor hiking and exploring all day long, decorating your site with glow in the dark products might make trekking back a bit easier when the has sun set and nothing looks familiar. Campfires are fun, but they can’t be left unattended. If you outline your door with Lunabrite glow in the dark trim, finding your special tent will be easy breezy, especially in the darkest setting. With full confidence, play moon-light Frisbee by adding a large round section of Lunabrite glow in the dark New Neon vinyl to the disc top and inside area. Neon by day and glowing by night you will be noticed, and the envy of other campers. Keep sight of your friends by sewing a Lunabrite Illuminating Ribbon band to your cap or shirt for dark night hikes to the lake to enjoy a late night swim under the stars. Hey, why go glamping if you’re not going to fully enjoy your natural surroundings!

Next time you go, transform your campsite from ordinary to glamorous! With a little creative planning and packing, you’ll be hooked on glamping!