Summer is here and for many fishermen, it’s the best time of year. One highlight of summer is a traditional fishing trip. Here are some simple tips to help you experience one of your best fishing trips ever, and even add some glow in the dark along the way!

1) Do a Little Research
gone-fishing-1-300x200A successful fishing trip is more likely if you do your homework. Be sure to check out the location where you plan to fish to review the local fishing laws and obtain any required permits. It also helps to research which fish are abundant to the area, noting different species are more actively caught at different times of the year. You might look up the fish’s feeding habits to help decide on the most effective bait plus how to detect the best local fishing spots. If you are new to fishing, check out YouTube for tutorials on fishing knots and rigs, and practice a few initial cast offs ahead of time.

2) Fish When the Weather isn’t Beautiful

Bored on a cloudy or rainy day? Go fishing! Fish love overcast skies and a drop in atmospheric pressure. In this type of weather, fish typically move out of their hiding places (rocks, grass, mud, etc.) searching for food. Lucky for you, when fish are hungry to eat, they are natural investigators of anything that looks tasty. Attract their attention with a glowing lure and you might have a your best day of catches!

3) Be Prepared
Robert-Fuller-Shadow-Project-Glow-in-the-Dark-Jacket-300x237When you’re in the great outdoors, especially in the middle of a lake or out on the ocean, it’s important to be prepared for any emergency. If you are fishing in a boat on a large body of water, wear a properly fitted lifejacket with retro reflective and glow in the dark elements. There are even rain jackets available that feature best glow in the dark visibility. If anything happens, you want to be easily seen. Storms can make a bright blue sky turn quite dark.

In addition, a well-stocked first aid kit is essential. Accidents can happen quickly, from getting hooked to slicing open a finger, so a good first aid kit is really a must. And don’t forget the sunscreen!

Your boat should include a working flashlight. It is important to keep it on board, especially at night or in stormy, overcast conditions. Want to be super safe? Add Lunabrite Glow in the Dark Trim to lifejackets or sweatshirts to keep track of everyone on board, especially if unexpected darkness occurs.

4) Location, Location, Location
IMG_4205-167x300If you are fishing in lakes or rivers, try casting off into the deepest part of the water. With freshwater fishing, fish often congregate at the point where the water transitions from shallow to deep. Some fish are successfully found foraging near mossy/grassy areas because many of their food sources are hiding in the underwater weeds, just outside of shallow water.

Wherever you cast off, as soon as you get a few bites, continue to fish in that location. You are obviously onto something good. The general rule of thumb is where there is one fish, there are sure to be more!

5) Attract Fish with Glow in the Dark Bait

Glow in the dark lures may help improve your catch rate. Below six feet, fish cannot distinguish colors. Even on the brightest day and in the clearest water, at certain depths fish are unable to detect many lures or bait, they only sense motion. You will need to keep that line wiggling and moving to attract some action.
Tim-Lure-1-222x300Get creative to improve your odds. Make your own lures using Lunabrite Glow Sheets This ready to use, non-toxic glow in the dark material is perfectly safe and provides a stimulating shimmer of deep sea illumination that attracts attention. Our Lunabrite team includes some enthusiastic fishermen who have had some great catches using glow in the dark lures.

6) Organize Your Workspace

Not being able to find a new hook, tool or a specific type of bait at the right moment can be frustrating. To avoid unwanted aggravation, make sure your tackle box is well organized and be sure to pack everything you need for a fun day of fishing. Decide in advance if you are fishing for dinner or will catch and release. Storing your catch requires specific pre-planning in advance. Additionally, if you fish on a boat, be sure to have a clean and organized deck, so no disturbances arise when you’re trying to reel one in!

7) Try Fishing in the Dark!

Fish at night, and you could be a fish magnet. Concerned about scaring away fish with bright lights? Many people believe that while fishing at night, bright lights on the boat will scare fish away. However, sometimes light is helpful for catching fish at night (aside from the obvious point that you can see what you’re doing). Casting a light on the water can entice small light-seeking phototropes toward the surface. This attracts the minnows who eat them, and in turn draw the larger fish out of their hiding places who prey on minnows.

Adding glow accents to your boat or equipment can further enhance your nighttime excursions. To keep track of essentials such as keys, bobbers and tackle boxes, use Lunabrite Hi Viz Glow Sheets with 3M adhesive backing to give your equipment increased visibility. Helpful glow in the dark highlights can be applied to emergency flashlights, radio handles, the edges of walkways, or the ends of fishing rods and reels. Accidents can happen quickly in the dark, and glowing accents are a great way to improve safety on the darkest night. There are even glow in dark tackle boxes made in glow in the dark resin.
Glowing-Fishing-300x212Adding luminous glow effects around your boat, dock or deck provides an enchanting, relaxing ambiance on a dark summer night. What better way to relax then under the stars and moon with a few good friends. Even if the fish aren’t biting, a magical summer evening can still be savored.

It’s the perfect time to get out and glow!