Adding a magical nighttime glow to your outdoor spaces is easier than you may think. Here’s how to accentuate pathways, porches and walways with glowing highlights.

Ladybug-300x234Spring is finally here! It’s a good time to begin thinking about spring and summer gardening and outdoor activities. With the days getting longer and temperatures becoming pleasant, we look forward to enjoying memorable times such as outdoor barbeque meals, backyard socializing with friends after sunset, or even just gazing at the stars on a warm summer night.

So how did your garden and patio area fare this winter? In many parts of the country, it was a tough winter. Besides washing off the outdoor furniture and cleaning up debris, Spring is the time to rake away leaves, prune branches and remove burlap from around the base of trees, making way for the new season.

It’s also a good time to take stock of your outdoor living area and plan for those delightful summer evenings. While adding new furniture or planters can instantly brighten your daytime landscape, you may want to consider the nighttime atmosphere of your outdoor environment.

Night Friendly Foliage
lung-wort-silver-shimmersAs the sun sets, select elements of your garden can seem to glow naturally. The right plants and foliage can enhance luminous effects in your nighttime garden. For best results, choose White, Yellow and Blue flowers. These colors take on an enchanting luminescence particularly striking in darkened conditions.

Consider white flowered plants like clusters of Hydrangeas that reflect light and seem to glow in the garden at night. Silver foliage like Lamb’s Ears, Licorice Mint and Silver Shimmers Lungwort provide a reflective shimmer in evening light. Note that red and other bright colored annuals are perfect for daytime bursts of color but lose their intensity rapidly as daylight wanes. So stick with lighter shades if you want to increase the magical radiance at night.

Wake up the Night
Garden_Path_Night_color-300x200Another way to add night time dazzle to your garden is by intermixing light emitting accents. There are numerous battery powered solar and LED options. If you prefer a more maintenance free and eco-friendly plan, Lunabrite photoluminescent rope trim is ideal for creating glowing highlights after sunset.

Lunabrite’s illumination provides a cool, moon-like glow at night to most outdoor spaces. Best viewed in total darkness, Lunabrite rope trim can be cut to fit almost any area providing an all-night glow without batteries, wires or electricity. Whether you are designing a new space, decorating a garden setting or enhancing your exterior living space, Lunabrite ensures eco friendly illumination with style and beauty for any outdoor area.


Establish Some Focal Points

Specialty garden and outdoor structures such as trellises, walls, gazebos, pergolas, arbors, pools and spas can all be softly illuminated with Lunabrite rope trim. Accentuate your decks, patios, raised beds, planter boxes and pathways for a decorative focus or a safety feature. Flexible and easily cut to size, Lunabrite works especially well for highlighting curves. Weatherproof and durable, it’s ideal for special effects where standard lighting won’t do.


As with all photoluminescent materials, glow is area and size dependent. To maximize the glow effect in large areas, use Lunabrite pre-cut sheets, ribbon or the large 5/16” Outer Diameter round rope trim. To accent a pot or planter, our medium sized 3/16” Outer Diameter works very nicely, especially when viewed at closer range.

As you freshen up this Spring, brighten your night by adding some glow to your outdoor spaces. For more ideas on enhancing your landscaping and garden visit our Ideas section of our website!