Looking to keep your pet safer with a collar that can be seen in the dark? You can make it yourself using Lunabrite Hi Viz glow sheets. Create a highly visible collar that ensures your precious pet is noticed and protected!



Lunabrite Hi Viz Dog Collar



Using scissors, cut the Hi Viz sheet into one or more lengths, cutting to fit collar width.

Peel the paper sheet off the vinyl back, and place LunaGel with 3M adhesive-side up on a protected working surface (good idea to use a newspaper). Apply Krazy Glue evenly to the adhesive side. This will assure the firmest bond onto the collar.

Firmly press the Lunabrite Hi Viz strip onto the collar, adhesive-side down. Put a book or weighted object on top and let sit according to glue directions. The Krazy glue will help the adhesive stick securely to the man-made fibers of the collar.

You can also add light reflective tape (available at most hardware stores) to further enhance being safely seen at night. Just cut to
size and add the light reflective pieces in a stripe pattern across the LunaGel piece (see photo example).

Pet Collar with ReflectiveLunabrite glows brightly on the darkest night, while the light reflective strips will shine whenever a beam of light hits them. Your pet’s collar will provide the ultimate safety.

Photo shows your new LunaGel collar glowing brightly in the dark, and the other photo shows the inverse situation with the reflective strips shining back from the light of car headlights or a flashlight.

nightglow collar Lunabrite shining

night with reflective strips shining



Rest assured your Luna Pup or Lunar Kitty will be safely seen in darkness while you are outside-  no matter what the conditions!