Do you remember glow in the dark toys from childhood? In darkness, the glow was almost always soft green and by day it looked a dull gray-neutral color. For those of us on the lookout for anything that glowed, seeing that grayish color in daylight represented a good sign that the toy probably glowed at night. Even though the color was lackluster by day, there was the promise of magic to come by night!

Today, there are many more glow by night color choices available with enhanced brightness and duration. And finally there are vivid new Daytime ­­colors as well, offering designers far more options for integrating glow into product designs.

What is a Daytime color vs. a Nightglow color?
Night-and-Day-300x295Simply put, we define a Daytime color as the “non-glowing” color that is seen by day or under normal lighting conditions. A Nightglow is the illuminating color seen in darkness. The daytime color of most photoluminescent materials is typically “Natural” meaning the natural color of the base resin material with no color added to it.

Nightglow color options can range from shades of Green, Aqua and Blue to Yellow, Orange, Red and Purple.

Beyond the Pale

Adding a daytime color to glow in the dark materials has always posed a technical challenge. Any color added to photoluminescent materials will always in some way impede the glow effect. If you think of glow as emitting light through a clear base material, daytime colorant particles can act as a barrier for the light, diffusing the glow output by lessening the total glow seen.

Originally, the only day color palette achievable consisted of pastel shades in pale pink, pale blue or pale peach. These subtle color tints still allowed most of glow to be seen. While pastel daytime colors work well with some designs, the demand for a broader selection of more robust colors like deep Blues, Purple, Orange and yes, even Red has
New-Neons-Sample-Pack-300x251always been earnest and constant.

With our patented new photoluminescent technology, you can now select bright vibrant daytime colors combined with long lasting high performance nightglows. This ensures your projects stand out during the day and deliver a luminous glow at night.

Our high quality Neons glow for an impressive 8+ hours and are fully renewable by natural light. These exciting new Neon day colors are offered in ready to use large Neon Glow Sheets and Illuminating Custom Resins. If you’ve been searching for ways to add visual interest and excitement to your design projects that include captivating nightglows, we have a striking new color palette of bold day colors with dazzling night glows.

A Perfect Match

What about daytime colors that match Pantone or specific brand logo colors? Are Pantone matched daytime colors actually possible?
Pantone-ChipsWith our custom color matching capabilities, our technical team can match most Pantone or brand logo colors. Dark colors and Black are a bit more challenging and can be created with special formulation and techniques. Contact us for customize options!

Designers recognize that the right color can be vital to the project, helping persuade, excite and engage consumers. With our vivid new photoluminescent color palette, your designs will stand out both Night and Day!