Green means “Go”. Lunabrite Green means “Let’s Glow!” And within the glow range, Yellow Green is the most visible photoluminsecent color.

If your project needs the brightest glow, Yellow Green would be a smart choice. According to scientific research, Yellow Green is the brightest photoluminescent color that the human eye can see in darkness. With so many new materials, likely there’s a Green glow design option to match your needs and creative vision.

Glow Sheets
LunaGel-LimeLight-Nightglow-300x200Need glow materials in large flat sheets that can be cut to size with scissors or a sharp blade? LunaGel Glow Sheets are a great option. These durable vinyl based Glow Sheets are one of the most versatile choices. Available in multiple colors, styles and colors, all versions include our brightest glow: Yellow Green.

Here are the newest glow sheet alternatives dedicated to Yellow Green, the most visible photoluminescent glow color.

Lightweight Glow Sheets

Our Glow Sheets are made of a fabric-like soft vinyl material with a matte finish. This micro thin material is 14 mils thick with a white backing. Available in 3 colors including LimeLight Green, our Lightweight material offers excellent stretch useful for apparel and costume design.

Heavier Weight Glow Sheets

This robust glow material is extra durable. At 40 mils thick, it can withstand the toughest outdoor applications. LunaGel Hi Viz glow sheets boast strong water resistance and can be used in demanding applications such as footwear or outdoor recreation. This material has a glossy and smooth bright Yellow Daytime color with a bright LimeLight Green Nightglow that meets or exceeds safety level standards.

Translucent Glow Sheets
Translucent_Glow_Sheets_Artsy_Photo__LoRes-Final-224x300This medium weight Translucent Glow Sheet has a smooth translucent base material without the standard white backing. This produces a special translucent effect while still remaining very bright and visible. Available in LimeLight Green, it is suitable for multiple specialty lighting applications, art projects and set designs.

New Neon ™ Glow Sheets

Vivid Neon color combinations are available in a large vinyl sheet format now featuring brilliant Daytime colors. These colors appear bright in both day and nighttime settings. Two especially vibrant Neon Glow Sheet choices are Screamin’ Green with LimeLight nightglow and Citrus Yellow with Yellow Green nightglow.

Illuminating Ribbon

LimeLight-Ribbon-300x199Lunabrite Ribbon
features a bright nightglow paired with a Neutral Daytime color in a satiny finish. The translucent TPE polymer base material is flexible, durable, and glows from both sides offering additional choices for highlighting or creating special effects. For single sided sewing applications, it can be backed up with a dense weave white fabric to maximize the top glow. Lunabrite Ribbon is available in bold LimeLight Green in addition to Arctic Blue.

Glowing Rope Trim

Glowing rope trim is a flexible round piping with a ¼” attachable edge allowing it to be sewn, glued, tacked, stapled or nailed. Rope Trim features bright nightglows combined with our standard Neutral Daytime Color. Round Rope Trim can be used for accenting edges, curves and outlines. Completely washable, it can be safely used in and around water. LimeLight green nightglow is offered in 3 standard diameters: Small (1/8″ Outer Diameter), Medium (3/16″ Outer Diameter) andLarge (5/16” Outer Diameter).

Glow in the Dark Resin
ResinLimeLight-copy-300x200Whether adding glow to small accent parts or large key pieces,Illuminating Resin is ideal for manufactured parts. Lunabrite glow resin is custom formulated to suit your select base resin and desired glow performance, and can include specific additives as required. Eco-friendly, Lunabrite requires no batteries, bulbs or wires. This makes it a brilliant solution for adding an illuminating highlight to products produced by injection molding and extrusion processes.

Resin is a highly versatile format with a clean long lasting glow. New Neon™ Resins are available in our original formula LimeLight green glow with Natural daytime color, or custom ordered in many vibrant color combinations, including these Yellow-Green choices:

  • Citrus Yellow Daytime/Yellow Green Nightglow
  • Neon Green Daytime/Spring Green Nightglow
  • Kiwi Green/LimeLight Green Nightglow
  • Screamin’ Green Daytime/LimeLight Green Nightglow

Whether you need the brightest Yellow-Green glow to enhance design accents, highlight fun features or emphasize safety applications, there are many color combinations and material choices to fit your needs. We also offer customized solutions, so if you do not see exactly what you need here, please contact us!