At Lunabrite we think every project dazzles with the addition of glow in the dark! Innovative technologies and techniques offer new methods for adding bright glow to a growing list of design surfaces. As the list of surfaces suitable for glow materials multiplies, so do your creative resources!

Fabrics, Leather and Vinyls
Zipper-Glow-2-15-14-300x200If you work with costumes, safety garments or apparel, there are several methods for incorporating illuminating trim accents. Curves and edges can be highlighted using Lunabrite round piping or flat ribbon and sheets. Glow materials can be both sewn and glued to almost any cloth fabric or vinyl surface.

Lunabrite patented round glow piping securely attaches to cloth or plastic by sewing the ¼” clear edge into seams or within inset areas. For larger areas that glow, Lunabrite flat ribbon works well. Ribbon material can be die cut or trimmed to size using a straight cutting blade or scissors. Lunabrite Rope and Ribbon can also be permanently glued using a strong craft adhesive such as E6000, commonly found in most art supply stores.

Both Ribbon and Rope materials can be safely used in and around water, and are machine washable on the cold setting. They are lightweight, yet durable and tear resistant.

Need fun colors that pop? Vinyl glow sheets come in more colors and material types than ever before. LunaGel sheets are lightweight and super flexible with good stretch. Available in Natural daytime colors with three Nightglow options including LimeLight Green, Arctic Blue and Turquoise, these sheets can be cut to exact size, sewn or glued. LunaGel Glow Sheet materials can also be printed or silk screened to create captivating glow patterns. For more information on glow colors see our color category of this blog.

Our New Neons glow sheets recently launched come in 6 incredibly bright day and nightglow combinations. Custom Pantone colors are also available for even better design matching. New Neon glow sheets are offered with or without 3M adhesive backing.

Glow in the Dark Fabrics
Winter_RunnersFinal-300x200Customizing your T-shirt graphics? We receive many inquiries for glow in the dark fabrics. Most fabrics such as cotton or polyester are not ideal substrates for manufacturing glow into the fabric itself. Glow in the dark paint or glow silkscreen ink can be applied to the surface for short-term use. Since the paint or ink rests on the surface, it will have the same issues as all standard paints or inks. Namely repeated washings will tend to crack and peel the painted design.

True glow fabric materials usually impart a less robust glow compared to polymer manufactured materials. This is because adding glow to individual fibers has always been a technical challenge. Large glow crystals providing brightest glow are difficult to incorporate into the tiny dimensions of threads and fibers. With small dimensions, smaller crystals must be used. However using new methods and technology, robust fabrics of many varieties are being developed as a custom product with success. Contact us for more information.

Glow in the Dark Paints
Glow-Paints-300x190Need to cover a special area with glow? There are many varieties of glow in the dark paints available, from novelty to professional grade. For simple DIY projects, check your local craft store such as Michaels for a selection of craft grade glow paints. Be sure to test your intended surface for compatibility before applying to the entire area.

For commercial grade applications, we offer customized coatings that will adhere to a multitude of surfaces including aluminum, metal, wood, plastic, concrete and more. This durable material has a superior finish that will stand up to high traffic and wear. Contact us for more information for a custom solution.

Specialty Coatings

For architectural, manufacturing and safety applications, glow in the dark epoxy is useful on a wide variety of surfaces. Epoxy based materials can be made using larger-sized, high performance photoluminescent glow crystals. The result is a brighter and longer lasting illumination.

Formulated to withstand heavy usage, epoxy substrates ensure a long-life surface that holds up even in high traffic areas. This material can also be created to include a non-slip feature, currently used in safety installations throughout the world.

Photoluminescent epoxy is available in several color choices. For more options, ask about our custom colors and materials.

Molded Parts
Buckle-Glowing-300x201For manufacturers in the outdoor, landscape, marine, toy, communications or consumer products industries, we can provide customized glow-enhanced resin. Lunabrite Illuminating Resin can brighten and energize your designs to distinctively stand out at night. These professional grade glow materials are intended for injection molding and extrusion applications.

Most clear resins can be custom compounded to incorporate a bright, long lasting, illuminating glow. Commonly specified resin choices include Polypropylene, ABS, EVA, HDPE, TPE, among a long list of possibilities. We can work with your design team to create neutral, bright standard or robust Neon daylight colors with a coordinating night lunar glow. You can also order a custom Pantone color to match a brand logo.

With Lunabrite, it’s easier than ever before to add illumination to almost any surface, supporting your newly inspired imagination!