As we near the end of 2014, it’s time to reflect on some of the most memorable glowing moments of the past year. With art, music and natural events, 2014 offered some spectacular opportunities to enjoy glow in the dark.

Blood-Moon-300x245Blood Moon Glow

It’s hard to surpass this amazing natural glowing phenomenon. In 2014, there were two total lunar eclipses. With a total eclipse, the moon transforms into a bright red glowing orb in the sky earning the name Blood Moon. Total eclipses are rare and happen only when the earth, sun and moon align.  We were lucky to have two such magical events in 2014, one on April 15th and the second on October 8th.  An illuminating and spectacular lunar show!

vangogh-bike-1-300x199Glowing Bike Path in the Netherlands

With this glowing bicycle path in Eindhoven, artist Daan Roosegaarde paid homage to its most famous resident, Vincent Van Gogh. The glowing bike path, aptly named “Starry Night”, was designed with luminous curves in the style of the famous painting.  The path was created using glowing photoluminescent polished stones that capture light from the sun and illuminate in darkness.  Even better, the bike path is energy neutral and will glow for many years.

Swing-Pretty-Girl-300x199Swing Time Boston

We love this interactive glow in the dark playground for adults in Boston that features ethereal glowing circular swings. The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority commissioned this experimental urban park project in the Innovation District of South Boston.

Designed by Howeler+Yoon Architects, the park features 20 ring shaped swings fitted with micro controllers that activate LED’s. The swings illuminate the surrounding area with blue and purple glow that change depending upon the motion of the swing.

Katy-Perry-Prismatic-Tour-300x237Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour

Katy Perry has been glowing all year in some colorful and entertaining costumes.  We know Katy loves glow and has a great sense of whimsy and fun. Her Prismatic World Tour offered dazzling performances with amazing glow effects.  Not only were the shows filled with some of Katy’s best songs but her glow in the dark jump roping (in heels!) was another bright spot in her luminous and lavish production.

GLOW_2014_CentralAxis_600-300x146Garden Glow

One of the best Winter Wonderland displays, the Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis features more than a half million glowing lights. This setting presents a spectacle of unique illumination amid the botanical Garden’s most iconic locations. Founded in 1859 by Henry Shaw, it is a National Historical Landmark and one of the top 3 botanical gardens in the world today.

Sections of the Garden Glow light displays are powered by renewable solar energy and all lighting is engineered to be energy efficient. So the Garden Glow presents an innovative nightly attraction while promoting sustainable practices!

Have a Glowing 2015 everyone!