Glow Sheets

Add Bright Impactful Glow to Any Design!

LunaGel Glow Sheets are the brightest way to add glow in the dark features to larger projects. Flexible and lightweight, LunaGel vinyl glow sheets are suitable for active apparel, costumes, camping gear, as well as recreational and outdoor products.

High performance Glow with maximum impact

  • Bright vibrant Daytime colors paired with luminous glow colors for the dark. Your designs stand out both night and day.
  • Large sheets provide brightest glow at longer distances for optimum results.
  • Available in several weights. Suitable for lighter stretch apparel to heavier outdoor applications that require maximum strength.
  • Charges quickly with exposure to sun or room light for immediate use.
  • Coordinated color choices offer easy integration of illumination into designs.
  • Longest lasting glow without wires, bulbs or batteries. Durable, safe and maintenance free.


A Bold Glow statement with a fabric-like feel


Micro thin and flexible, LunaGel Lightweight Glow sheets feature a satin finish with a fabric-like feel. At 14 mil thickness, they add little weight to your finished piece plus offer excellent stretch for active apparel, costumes and creative projects. The bright white backing enhances the glow so your design stands out. Easily added to most clean dry surfaces, LunaGel sheets can be sewn, glued, nailed or stapled to many substrates.
Hi Viz

New Super Bright Hi Viz Glow in the Dark Sheets feature our brightest glow in the dark yet, up to 3X brighter! The extra bright illumination glows bright enough for professional grade safety applications and is durable enough for tough outdoor usage.  Available with or without high quality 3M self-peel adhesive backing for direct application to most surfaces.



LunaGel Translucent Glow Sheet is a semi-transparent and medium weight, flexible vinyl material with bright Hi Viz glow. The light green translucent surface has an extra bright LimeLight Green nightglow. Ideal for innovative concepts, the luminous surface allows light to pass through producing unique patterns or special effects if stamped, overlaid or screen printed. Also useful for double sided glow in the dark solutions.


New Neons

Presenting our newest, most vibrant Daytime color palette, these New Neon Glow Sheets dazzle by day and glow all night! With longer lasting photoluminescent Nightglows, the New Neons™ Collection features 6 vivid Daytime colors with coordinating glowing Nightglows that are sure to impress. This expands your choices for innovative glow in bold, highly desirable Daytime colors. These exceptionally smooth sheets feature bright, even color with dramatic visual appeal. Medium weight, flexible and easy handle, New Neon glow in the dark sheets can be silkscreened or surface printed, making them extra versatile for many projects.


Pantone Color Matches

Looking for the perfect match to a company logo or specific brand color? Let us help. Our technical team can match most Pantone or brand logo colors. The right color can be vital to any project, helping excite and attract market share. With our newly expanded photoluminescent color palette, your creative options have just grown brighter!


Glow with Confidence

  • Easy to use. Glow in the dark rolls and glow sheets can be die cut, trimmed, or sewn to add a luminous glow to your project.
  • Safety first. All LunaGel Glow Sheets and rolls can be safely used around children, pets, in water and all outdoor weather.
  • Easy to maintain. Our long lasting, durable sheets and rolls are machine washable for easy care, and will stand up in tough outdoor climates.
  • Suitable for diverse applications. LunaGel is excellent for active apparel, high visibility apparel, reflective safety apparel, pet safety, glow in the dark costumes, outdoor products, and many other creative designs needing an additional night glow accents and highlights.
  • Customizable options. Let us color match to your Pantone color, quote a special size or suggest optional materials. Special requests are welcomed.

New colors, formats and inspirations continue to expand our offerings. Be sure to SIGN UP for our NEWSLETTER to assure you know about our exclusive product updates and new glow in the dark techniques.

Get started illuminating your designs today with LunaGel Glow Sheets!