Who’s going outdoors? Glow Materials in Outdoor Environments
Heading to the great outdoors and bringing along some glow materials? We love to hear it! There are so many uses and applications for glow in outdoor settings, we could go on and on.

We get many questions about using photoluminescent materials outdoors. We’ll answer some of the most frequent questions here.

How long does it take to charge glow in the dark materials with natural light?

Natural sunlight rich in UV is the best source to charge our photoluminescent materials. In fact, it takes about 5 minutes for materials to charge in natural light even on a cloudy day.

All Lunabrite materials love light and are constantly absorbing energy when exposed to lighting conditions.  In daylight conditions, it is absorbing.  In darkness, it emits energy in the form of glowing light.

What outdoor lighting conditions work best?

Glow materials such as Lunabrite work by absorbing then releasing light. This means that if you are in an area that is lit by other surrounding lights, the glow may not be as visible at night. For optimum results, all photoluminescent materials should be viewed in full darkness!

How long does the glow last?

The brightest light is visible in the first few hours and then diminishes slowly after that.  High performance photoluminescent materials can glow as long as 12+ hours without a recharge.  Lunabrite lights are endlessly rechargeable over many years.

Can glow in the dark materials be used in water?

We cannot speak for all photoluminescent products but can tell you that Lunabrite materials offer excellent performance both in and around water. We speak with many fishermen who use our materials for lures and report great visibility and durability in marine conditions.

What about dust and sand?

Even a thin coating of dust can limit some of the ability of photoluminescent materials to absorb light.  It is sort of like a cloud over the sun. We recommend patented Lunabrite rope trim and heavier weight glow sheets that feature a smooth glossy surface that can be wiped clean. As these materials are not porous, they will resist dirt, dust and sand.

Wherever you go, enjoy the Glow!