At Lunabrite, we offer a multitude of glow in the dark colors choices and Daytime color combinations to enhance a wide range of designs. Projects can range from apparel to molded plastic parts to almost anything you can imagine.

When brightness of glow is the most important or only consideration you may wish to follow these suggestions to achieve the greatest illumination possible.

Go Yellow Green Glow

Girl-with-Green-Hair-200x300As discussed in previous blog posts, Yellow Green glow is the color that is most visible to the human eye. This is why LimeLight Green glow is used in critical safety applications such as Exit signage, way finding and firefighting gear.

The next brightest color in the photoluminescent spectrum is a Blue-Green glow. This includes our original color Spring Green and newly introduced Turquoise colors.

Other colors in our range such as Arctic Blue offer good brightness and longevity as well and can be used for aesthetic design applications. However if your primary consideration is brightness of glow, then stick with the Green shades of Yellow Green and secondarily Blue Green.

Daytime Color and Nightglow
Colored-sand-300x198Usually the addition of a Daytime color will come at some sacrifice of the Nightglow performance. Depending upon the design, this may not have a meaningful impact on the intended glow attributes of the project. In other cases, a more diffused or interesting color effect may actually be desirable. We work closely with our clients to ensure the optimum results for their individual project.

As a general rule of thumb, the brightest glow output is achieved without the addition of a Daytime color.

Materials Matter

Thanks to advances in technology the active ingredient in all photoluminescent materials can be incorporated into many substrates. A glowing effect can be created in polymers such as resin, vinyl, aluminum, metals and even fabric.

Different materials will hold the glow differently. The materials yielding the best glow results from our testing are polymers and glow sheets.
Translucent_Glow_Sheets_Artsy_Photo__LoRes-Final-224x300Resin polymers can be custom engineered to achieve greatest glow results. Our technical team will ensure the best illumination performance possible. This may include some custom formulation to suit that particular resin such as Polypropylene, ABS, TPE and other clear polymers.

LunaGel glow sheets are one of the brightest choices for visibility and duration. This is because the glow sheet material offers the largest overall surface impact. Most of our glow sheets also feature a bright white backing that enhances the glow.

Our Hi-Viz Glow Sheets are available in heavier weight material and now in a smooth matte surface with adhesive backing. If you are looking for an exceptional glow, look no further.

The Perfect View

As with all glow materials, the brightest glow is always best viewed is in full darkness with dark adjusted eyes. If you are testing multiple materials for glow performance, be sure your eyes have fully adjusted to the darkened conditions. This is similar to walking into a darkened movie theater where it takes your eyes a few minutes to adjust to see your way to your seat.

Always be sure your glow materials are fully charged for the best effect. Depending upon your light source, the amount of time needed for a full charge will vary. To learn more about best charging methods visit this post.

So choose the brightest and enjoy the glow. With the latest technology and high performance materials, the glow can be so bright you may need to wear shades!