Blue can be soothing, strong or vibrant depending upon the hue.  To get a sense of this distinction, we need only compare our favorite jeans of faded blue to the deep bluish-purple of twilight or the clear blue watercolors in a child’s painting. The deepest shades of blue can command a dramatic mood while mid tone blues feel mellow and friendly. Whatever shade you prefer, blue is a universally popular color!

Blue-Abstract-300x200Blue Battles

Would you believe that the use of indigo blue dye was outlawed in 1577?

Blue dye was originally produced in Old World Europe from the leaves of the woad plant. Time consuming to produce, woad leaves were picked by hand, finely crushed and kneaded into 3 inch balls. They were slowly fermented in water, and some stories suggest urine was purchased from men in beer halls to augment the fermentation process. The woad was dried and finally powdered. Due to an aggressive demand for deep blue dye, woad merchants became quite wealthy and powerful.

When an abundant supply of new Indigo blue dye was introduced from India, it offered a new vibrant blue shade that was richer and more stable. The new Indigo blue dyes threatened the wealthy woad dye makers. Due to fear of competition, Germany outlawed its use in 1577. Other regions of Europe passed laws against importing it, claimed that it rotted yarn when dyed, and spread frightening tales about the devil’s appreciation of Indigo. All to discourage India’s newest Indigo import.

Thankfully this rich shade of blue survived and to this day we can appreciate indigo blue!

Midnight-Blue-Night1-300x200We’ve got the Blues

When it comes to blue glow, Lunabrite offers the largest selection of true blue glow materials. Our unique blue glow in the dark materials are available in round rope and flat ribbon trims, larger glow sheets, Illuminating resins, as well as custom ordered Translucent materials.

Our signature Arctic Blue glow is a brilliant icy blue that adds impact to any design. Lunabrite Arctic Blue is a leading choice by designers, engineers and artists for adding a special blue glow to enhance their unique projects. Arctic Blue will complement designs of all styles, from Tron costumes to high-end engineering applications.
Blue-Beads-300x279Arctic Blue glow materials are also available in a variety of Daytime colors (the color you see during the day before it glows at night). Our most popular Daytime colors include Bliss Blue and Brilliant Blue. Both are available in resin and offer luminous blue nightglows.

Blue remains a favorite color for many people, whether light or dark, matte or glossy, and now glowing!



The Blue Miracle

Our good friend Maddie loves blue and shared a story about how she saw blue in a brand new way.

Maddie wanted a horse all of her life and everyone in her family knew of her passion.  When she turned 18 her sister gave her the “The Large Blue Horse” print from the famous painting by Franz Marc. Marc painted this piece to show the spiritual aspects of the color blue.

Maddie cherished the artwork and even took it with her to college, where she had the opportunity to take riding courses.  A year later, she bought her first horse at auction, a lovely black mare who taught her more than she expected!  Maddie took her chubby little horse to a veterinarian to see if she should feed her less. The vet had quite a laugh.  He told her the horse was about to give birth any day!  Having never owned a horse, Maddie was delighted and a bit terrified.
Blue-Horse-300x300Sure enough, a few days later she discovered two horses in the stable instead of one!  The foal was a sweet natured filly with a soft brown coat. It was love at first sight. Imagine Maddie’s amazement when the foal shed the brown hairs and a new coat emerged in a bluish-black shade mixed with white that made her look entirely light blue. The Blue Roan coat had a sheen that almost glowed blue in sunlight. Just like Maddie’s beloved painting, she had her own blue horse!


Blue Comfort

Blue has meant inspiration, happy summer days and bright horizons for so many of us.  Some of our favorite moments may have been watching kites fly against a blue sky or
dreamstimemedium_21211390-300x200sitting in a comfortable chair by deep blue water relaxing with a good book.  Nature itself seems to embrace blue all around us.  Whether ocean blue, sky blue, a horse of blue or glowing blue, this popular color has its own favorite memories for each of us.  Tell us why you love blue!