Why do we associate green with good things?  Green gives us GO on stoplights, lucky four leaf clovers, winter’s majestic evergreen trees, and spring’s newest leaves that brighten spirits.  What about lush slices of colorful kiwi, the crispy crunch of green apples, or neon green lights welcoming us to our favorite bar for a classic minty “grasshopper” beverage?  All around – it may not be easy to be green, but it’s easy to love green!

Leaves-in-Sunlight-300x202Science backs up some of our gravitation to green.  Turns out, as the day turns to evening, our sensitivity to certain wavelengths of light shifts.  Our vision sharpens to light wavelengths around 500 nanometers, better known to the layperson as green.  We have long known that green glowing items are the brightest and most visible to the human eye, making them ideal in attracting attention and for certain safety applications.  At Lunabrite, we offer the largest range of green glow materials available.  Whether you need round Glowing Rope Trim, flat Illuminating Ribbon or the versatility of large Glow Sheets, all are available in the brightest LimeLight green, intended to grab attention and illuminate the darkest nights.
Green-Yellow-Ripples-300x300What else comes to mind when thinking of green?  On a visit to my grandparents, one afternoon my grandfather carried a mysterious box out of the garage.  It was painted black with a large hinged lid.  I ran over to find that the top had been roughly cut out with inlaid glass for peeking inside.  I was a bit disappointed to view a collection of what appeared to be ordinary rocks.  After dark, he called me back outside and I saw an ethereal glow from the glassed-in lid.  I looked inside and found an amazing phenomenon.  The dull rocks inside were now glowing, some brightly and some not, in a variety of colors.  One in particular was smaller than the others but glowed the most brilliant green.  Grandpa told me that one was a type of opal that only showed that color under a certain type of light that I later learned was called black light.  I loved the idea, though unfortunately I discovered that hauling around a few small rocks in my pocket rarely yielded much enthusiasm from friends.  Rocks were heavy and not particularly interesting in daytime without the magical glow.  If only I could have been the first to show off some of the new glow materials that are now available!
Translucent_Glow_Sheets_Artsy_Photo__Hi_REscopy-224x300Lunagel Glow Sheets are lightweight and also available in a translucent version, sheer and ready to be creatively used as décor for anything one might wish.  There is a heavier weight glow sheet as well, featuring our brightest glow, and can be used for specific needs such as safety applications.

If you are working with a polymer and want to add a bright green glow, you may want to specify our illuminating resins.  Our newest Neon resins come in both Daytime colors and Nightglows!  Look for new brightly glowing green colors like Citrus Yellow Green, Neon Green, Kiwi Green and even Screamin’ Green. All Neon resins have amazing versatility and glow output.
LimeGreen-Drinks-225x300We hope you enjoy your evening with a captivating grasshopper dream (maybe a little crème de menthe or icy green drink?) and a bright green morning.  Do you have more good feelings associated with green?  Let us know in the comments!