What came first, the fruit or the color? It is widely agreed that the fruit came first. To the delight of early artists and designers, the word was eventually introduced to signify the bold color matching the fully ripe fruit. Regardless of which came first, we agree that Orange is an amazing color for design. And Orange is now available in new high performance glow in the dark materials offering even more design options!

OrangesHistory of Orange

Both the color and the fruit have long and illustrious histories. The word itself originates to Sanskrit, from their word for orange tree. The word in Old French derives from describing the fruit as pomme d’orenge (an orange colored apple). Early words in Old English included geoluhread (yellow-red) to indicate reddish orange or ġeolucrog (yellow-saffron) to indicate yellowish orange.

The Happiest Color?
Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, connecting both colors and connotations. It has the energy and aggressiveness of red, mellowed by the happiness and calmness of yellow.

The famous violin maker Stradivari used a secret orange varnish recipe to coat his instruments. This is widely considered to be one of the main reasons his violins are of such exceptional quality, bringing joy and happiness to music lovers everywhere.

Aside from the historical connections, the richness of Orange invokes treasured personal happiness, including the delicious smells and tastes at Thanksgiving, the smell and feel of carving Halloween pumpkins, the blazing vision of autumn leaves, along with the delight in gazing at vibrant Orange sunrises and sunsets. And who can resist the sweet taste of a juicy ripe orange on a hot summer day?

monarch-butterfly-03-300x203Think Orange

Many of our favorite things are Orange. The monarch butterfly is Orange, as is a Bengal tiger. Even the popular cartoon character Garfield is bright happy Orange, offering a sharp contrast to his usually sour mood on subjects such as Mondays and dieting.

Aesthetically, Orange is a warm, inviting color. Its popularity sometimes creates a challenge for home décor because it can be more difficult to mix with other colors. However, Orange’s vivid hues go very well with darker colors, including many striking shades of Blue, Purple, Brown and Black.

Safety Orange
Considered a complementary color on the color wheel, Orange offers a high visual contrast to bright blue. It also offers great contrast to the shades of green or green-brown, the colors found in fields or woods. This explains why Orange is often selected to indicate warning or caution for high risk and safety applications.
Orange-Safety-Sign-300x198Safety Orange is also known as Blaze Orange, OHSA Orange, Hi Viz Orange and Hunter Orange. This highly recognizable bright Orange color is successfully used to differentiate objects from their surroundings, particularly the day lit sky. A well-known example includes the Hi Viz Orange traffic cones used by police and road workers to indicate dangerous or unsafe conditions. It is also offered as HiViz Orange, especially useful in the safety clothing industry to boost visibility for workers or hunters needing to be seen.

Adding glow in the dark attributes to Safety Orange provides an extra benefit in safety products making them HiViz both day and night. From low light to bright daylight, the Safety Orange is  the primary protection. In fully dark settings, an Orange glowing patch would be the only feature seen when colors cannot be distinguished. Adding retroreflective materials increases the safety and visibility factor even more.

Is Orange the New Black?

Orange is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add spice and fun to their product or designs or to enhance safety features. When it comes to glow in the dark material, Orange is frequently requested.
Tangerine-Daytime-Color-300x241We just recently introduced a bright Orange nightglow called Tangerine to our New Neons line. Available in Neon Resin and in Neon Glow Sheet formats, they provide a strong, long lasting Orange nightglow with bright Orange daytime colors. Our new Orange glow in the dark materials can be used to create HiViz Orange safety patches and luminescent warning signs in addition to providing an exceptional Orange glow to toy, outdoor products and sportswear design.

Lunabrite Orange glow materials include Mango Tango Resin, Mango Tango Rope, New Neons Tangerine Resin and Tangerine Glow Sheets. All of these have a variety of uses, for just about every industry, ranging from eye-catching warning signs to creating decorative glowing trims.

Offered in a wide range of formats and colors, Lunabrite glow in the dark materials can be incorporated into most products. For custom applications please let us know your special requirements.

For more information about our range of Orange colors or to get started using Orange resin, rope or glow sheets, please contact us today!