Purple is a magical color, especially after discovering what makes purple different from other colors.  The word purple can be traced back to a Greek word porphura, the name of a Tyrian purple dye. Purple is the color of lilacs, beautiful sunsets and purple glow in the dark materials.

Purple-Crayon-225x300Did you know the earliest purple dyes required 12,000 shellfish to extract enough trace ingredients needed to dye one cloth item?  Because purple dye was therefore expensive and time consuming to make, it was mostly reserved for clothing worn by wealthy royals and high priests.  To this day, purple is considered a rich bold color often linked with powerful or spiritual people.

Purple that Stays Purple

One of the historical difficulties was keeping purple bright and pure since the pigment faded and did not retain its true rich color.  Amazingly, purple was first developed commercially in China in early 700 B.C. but due to its unstable chemical structure, it was much later that it became a reliable color staple.

Today many purple colors are made synthetically in labs. Purple is a popular choice with creative brands, home décor accents and several sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens who use purple in their logo and for their team uniforms. And of course we must mention America’s favorite purple dinosaur Barney!

Purple Glow
Lilac-Rope-8-9-12-300x225What about purple glow in the dark? A sensational purple nightglow has always been desired but earliest versions of this glow color were not very bright or long lasting.

Creating a long lasting purple in glow in the dark remained elusive for many years. Lunabrite’s newest purple glow uses advanced technology producing a much brighter and longer lasting glow over what has been available for this color. Purple is about 30% less bright than our brightest glow color LimeLight Green. This is mainly due to how human eyes view color wavelengths, with purple being on the lower end of the color spectrum. Yet the richness of purple can be the ideal choice for the right project.

Glow in the dark purple will take slightly longer to charge than other colors, up to 30 minutes in moderate room light.  Once fully charged it can last up to 8 hours for an all night glow. Like all glow materials, the specific glow color is most evident in the first 1-3 hours. After that, the glow becomes more of a whitish color for the glow duration.

The Spirit of Purple
Purple_sunset-300x225Purple is sometimes associated with the supernatural symbolizing imagination and chakras, inspiring high ideals and thoughts of a positive future.  Purple is mentioned in the Bible. Revered purple fabric and garments are used during religious ceremonies, offerings and in spiritual decorations.  Today purple is also worn on Spirit Day, to show personal support for members of the LGBT community who face bullying.  During the 1960’s and 70’s purple became associated with the counterculture and the use of psychedelics, believed to be a gateway to introspection.  Purple Haze referred to a state of mind induced by the use of psychedelics.  We think Jimi Hendrix would have enjoyed seeing our newest purple glow in the dark materials!

Purple Glow Celebration
bigstock-Fairy-Mountain-956953-225x300Purple glow in the dark makes a great accent color and works well especially when paired with LimeLight Green. Use Lunabrite Lilac Sky glow rope trim for apparel and footwear, costume design, fairy wings and other unique accents. If you are working with resin, we offer Daytime colors like Very Violet (glows Aqua) and Pure White Daytime color with Purple Mountain (bright purple nightglow).

Purple is a strong glow color choice for celebrations and festivals. As we head into the summer season, purple glows become even more popular.

There is so much to love about purple.  Tell us what you love about purple!