Hello Sunshine and…Hello Yellow!

What is the first thing you think of when you see the color yellow? Did you know that yellow is the color of happiness, wisdom and imagination?

Sunflowers-300x188If you are feeling down in need of heightened inspiration, add a splash of yellow to your day and feel that happy glow. Go outside and spend a few minutes in the sun. Yellow evokes youth, happiness, light and laughter.

Adding more yellow into your life can bring more sunshine into your day. You can also experience Yellow-Green glow in the dark to enjoy this bright exuberant color at night too.

Yellow makes us feel good, lifts our spirits and brightens many days. Wow! What more can you ask for out of this delightful color? Yellow is all around us – in the sun, stars, and flowers, the color of butter, baby chicks, and lemons, all so wonderful and part of our beautiful world. Adding yellow to your home can brighten a room, making it appear larger. Perhaps best of all adding this bright and natural color of daylight can increase the happiness factor. The color yellow can instantly lift a drab room, transforming it as fresh and clearly inviting.


History of the Color Yellow

The word yellow is of Old English origin from the word ‘geolu’, meaning “yellow, or yellowish”. It has long been associated with sunshine, starlight and knowledge. In Greek mythology the radiant yellow sun was worshipped by many as a God or often associated with the sun-god Helios.
Van-GoghThe earliest yellow pigments were yellow ochre, made from clay and one of the first colors used by humans. Egyptians frequently used yellow in tomb paintings and incorporated this color into the skin tones of women in their paintings. The Romans used yellow in paintings to represent gold as well as refined skin tones. Vincent van Gogh was an enthusiastic fan of the color and in 1888 wrote, “Now we are having beautiful warm, windless weather that is very beneficial to me. The sun, a light that for lack of a better word I can only call yellow, bright sulfur yellow, pale lemon gold. How beautiful yellow is.”


Design Vitality
Primary-Colors1Within modern times, yellow is one of the three primary colors, the other two being red and blue. These three make up all of the remaining colors on the color wheel, producing secondary and tertiary colors of many formulations.

Yellow is the lightest color on the chromatic color wheel. It may seem surprising that white is not the lightest, but white is not considered to be chromatic.

When the color printing process became more sophisticated, popular art blossomed and process color separation was introduced. Using just the four inks of magenta, cyan, yellow and black, all colors could be produced economically to print commercial pieces. This immediately enhanced our favorite Sunday indulgence, comic strips, that could be printed bolder and brighter in all colors of the rainbow including yellow. (This made everyone happy except for the Green Lantern who was deathly afraid of the color yellow!)

This year, Pantone picked “Minion Yellow” as one of their select 2015 color picks. Inspired by the lovable bright yellow sidekick in “Despicable Me”, it marks the first time in Pantone’s history that a color was named after an animated character. Given his widely accepted popularity, we agree it is a brilliant choice!


A Bright Choice
Citrus-Yellow-ResinDid you know that the brightest, most visible color that our eyes can see is bright yellow-green? This is because our eyes are most sensitive to this particular wavelength of light. Yellow gets our attention. It creates excitement and stimulation.

Today we often see bright yellow used in applications where high visibility is vital. Yellow is frequently specified for fire trucks, warning signs and safety apparel. A Yellow light warns us to slow down at an intersection, that the signal is about to turn red. Due to its high visibility, it is increasingly important and useful in business signs and very popular for neon signs.

Yellow is an excellent choice for glow in the dark materials because even in darkness, it is the brightest color our eyes can see. When choosing a photoluminescent material for your glow in the dark project, the dazzle of yellow and yellow-green colors might produce the magic you are seeking. At Lunabrite, we offer a wide range of options. Consider our “Citrus Yellow”, a Hi-Viz yellow offered in both Resin and Glow Sheets in our New Neons palette. “Limelight” is a true Yellow Green glow available in all Lunabrite lines, including our signature rope trim, illuminating ribbon, glow sheets and resin.

There’s no denying that Yellow is exuberant, energizing, tantalizing, cheerful, and full of life. It can be warmly comforting or full of vitality, it never fails to make us smile. Perhaps best of all it will help your most visible projects stand out brilliantly!