Turquoise Glow in the Dark Materials

With names like Turquoise, Aqua, Teal or Cyan, this trendy Blue Green color is a strong choice amongst designers. The cool smooth color of Turquoise reflects the hues of the ocean, with clean, fresh and luminous features. A popular color in home décor, clothing and appliances, Turquoise pairs beautifully with many other colors, especially shades of gray, burgundy, royal blue, emerald green and fresh orange colors like Tangerine.

Turquoise is an appealing color for glow in the dark materials when seeking cool and timeless blue-green design highlights. Lunabrite offers a full range of formats with a bright Turquoise glow to match the needs of most design professionals. Turquoise glow in the dark materials can be ordered as round rope trim, flat glow sheets, thin flexible ribbon and thermoplastic resin. These formats can be customized by size and base materials to meet your exact project requirements. Additionally a 3M adhesive backing is optional for select large flat sheet formats.

Lunabrite materials are available in glow colors named Spring Green, Aqua and/or Turquoise, which are all variations of Turquoise. All sizes of Lunabrite Rope trim can be ordered in Spring Green glow, our original bright Turquoise color. Lunabrite Glow sheets and LunaGel Ribbon are both available in Turquoise glow, and Lunabrite Resin can be ordered in Spring Green glow. Our Neons resins are offered in a new color called Very Violet, which is Purple by Day and glows bright Turquoise at night.

Lunabrite’s clean Turquoise glow makes a bright statement in a sensual color that is never out of style. If your design needs a particular glow material with a customized daytime color that contrasts or complements Turquoise glow, our technical department can assist special requests. You have a multitude of choices and we are ready to help you start designing!