Blue Glow in the Dark Materials

Blue glow materials are among our most popular items. Bright and versatile, the color blue can be soothing, strong or vibrant depending upon the hue. The deepest shades of blue can command a dramatic mood, while mid tone blues can feel softer, welcoming and peaceful. Whatever shade you prefer, blue glow is a universally popular color!

When it comes to glow in the dark materials, Lunabrite offers the largest selection of materials with a true blue glow. Our luminous blue glow materials are available in round rope trim, flexible double-sided ribbon, large durable glow sheets (including translucent and adhesive backed sheets), and illuminating resins for molded parts.

Blue glow is among our brightest and longest lasting glows. While not as bright as LimeLight green, our robust Blue glow is distinctive and works well with many design projects. Made from the highest quality of raw materials, Lunabrite Blue will glow for 8+ hours.

Our signature Arctic Blue glow is a bright icy blue that visibly boosts design impact. Lunabrite Arctic Blue is an excellent choice for designers, engineers and artists wishing to add a special blue glow to enhance unique accents or special parts. Arctic Blue complements designs of all styles, from Tron costumes to high-end engineering applications.

Blue glow in the dark materials can be ordered in a variety of Daytime colors (the color you see during the day before it glows at night) as a custom matched color or in the same Brilliant Blue Daytime color shown in our Neon Glow Sheets and Resin line.