Green Glow in the Dark Materials

It’s easy to love the color green! We gravitate to its many shades and hues across all product categories. Our spirits are brightened seeing spring’s newest leaves and enchanted by winter’s majestic evergreen trees. New designs in fashion, automobiles and appliance design are often inspired by the colors of deep green apples, bright neon green lighting, rich green jewels, and the many other greens we find in nature’s lushest landscapes.

Within the photo-luminescent glow range, Green (more precisely Yellow Green) is the most visible color the human eye can see in full darkness. Science confirms as daylight wanes, our night vision sharpens toward color light wavelengths around 500 nanometers, better known to the layperson as the color green.  As the brightest most visible glow in the dark color, Green glow excels in visual attention and is often specified for certain safety applications.

If your project or product needs the brightest glow possible, LimeLight green is the ideal choice. We offer the largest range and highest quality of Green glow in the dark materials.  Whether you need round Glowing Rope Trim, flat Illuminating Ribbon or the versatility of large Glow Sheets, all are available in the brightest LimeLight green, intended to grab attention and illuminate the darkest nights. Glow sheets can also be ordered translucent or with an adhesive backing.

There are many new Lunabrite materials offering this bright Green glow to satisfy your unique needs and creative vision. If you are working with a polymer and want to add the brightest Green glow, specify our illuminating resins for manufactured parts.  Resin can be ordered in most base polymers in a clear neutral day color that delivers the brightest Green night glow. Our newest Neon resins come in bright Daytime colors with your choice of vivid Nightglows!  Select from Lunabrite’s brightest green glow colors such as Citrus Yellow Green, Neon Green, Kiwi Green and Screamin’ Green. All Neon resins have amazing versatility and superior glow output.

Whether you need the brightest Green glow to enhance design accents, highlight fun features or emphasize safety applications, there are many color combinations and material choices to fit your needs. Lunabrite offers customized solutions and technical support, so if you do not see exactly what you need here, please contact us!