Orange Glow in the Dark Materials

An amazingly bold color, Orange is a mixture of red and yellow, connecting both colors and connotations. It has the energy and aggressiveness of red, with the happy calmness of yellow.

Aesthetically, Orange is a warm, inviting color. Orange’s vivid hues go very well with dark colors, especially deeper shades of Blue, Purple, Brown and Black.

When it comes to glow in the dark material, Orange is always on designers’ wish lists. Available in new Lunabrite’s high performance glow in the dark materials, Orange gives designers brand new creative options. Lunabrite’s Orange glow materials include Mango Tango Rope, Tangerine Glow Sheets and Resin. All formats have a variety of uses within diverse industries ranging from decorative glowing trims for apparel and sportswear design to soft goods, outdoor products and recreational products.

Lunabrite glow in the dark materials provide a strong, long lasting Orange nightglow with bright Orange daytime colors. Having a bold daytime color with a vivid night glow color is an exciting innovation in the glow materials industry. See the full New Neons line for additional daytime color options.

New Orange glow in the dark materials can be used to create HiViz Orange safety patches and luminescent warning signs. Adding key areas of Lunabrite Orange glow to standard Safety Orange products provides the extra benefit of making them HiViz by both day and night. In fully dark settings, a Lunabrite HiViz Orange glowing patch would be the only feature seen when the other colors cannot be distinguished. Adding retroreflective materials can increase the safety and visibility factor even further.

Your design options have expanded with extra colors, and now additional industries can also benefit from functional glow in the dark performance.  Whether you want to use glow for design accents or as an added safety function, Lunabrite continues to innovate.