Purple Glow in the Dark Materials

Purple is a deep and magical color, the color of lilacs, beautiful sunsets and rich jewels. It’s a popular choice for creative brands, home décor accents and numerous sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens who use purple in their logo and team uniforms.

As an added glow in the dark color option, purple has always been requested, but a long lasting purple glow remained unattainable until recently. Lunabrite’s newest Purple glow uses advanced technology to produce a much brighter and longer lasting glow over what had been available for this color.

Lunabrite offers Lilac Sky purple glow rope trim, a great choice for apparel and footwear, costume design, fairy wings and other unique accents. For products manufactured from thermoplastic polymers, Lunabrite resin is available in bold Daytime colors like Very Violet with Spring Green glow (Turquoise) or a Pure White Daytime color with Purple Mountain glow (bright purple).

Glow in the dark Purple takes slightly longer to charge than other colors, up to 30 minutes in moderate room light. Purple glow is about 30% less bright than our very brightest glow color LimeLight Green, but fully charged it can last up to 8 hours for a full night glow. The purple glow color is strongest in the first 1-3 hours. After that, the glowing light becomes more of a whitish color for the glow duration.

Purple is a strong glow color choice for celebrations and festivals. It makes a great accent color and works well especially when paired with LimeLight green glow materials. Despite its more modest brightness, the magic of Purple glow can be the ideal choice for the right project. Designers can celebrate that purple is now part of their toolbox of creative glow options.