Red Glow in the Dark Materials

Red represents love, passion, sensitivity, and joy. We associate red with life and courage, romance and leadership, determination and willpower. Today red is a top color choice worldwide.

Not surprisingly, this emotionally strong and popular color is frequently requested by designers in photoluminescent materials looking to create a strong impact with Red glow in the dark. Until now, there have been very few high quality red glow in the dark materials available.

One challenge is the color red itelf is one of the most difficult for our eyes to see in the dark. The parts of the human eye responsible for detecting the red start to shut down in darkness. Secondly, while some photoluminescent materials appear red in bright or normal light, the same glow may not seem so red when viewed in darkness.

We now offers a new high performance Red glow in the dark material in two useful formats. Red Hot and Sunset Red are two colors in Lunabrite’s glow in the dark resin line. Most commonly used polymer base resins can be specified to create custom orders in these colors. The Red Hot resin color appears nearly the same daytime color as its night glow color. The Sunset Red resin color is similar to a sunset of orange and yellow nightglows with a pink-red daytime color. Custom resin orders can also be matched to Pantone colors for additional daytime Red options.

Red Hot Glow color is also offered in the new Neon Glow Sheets. The smooth vinyl sheet is a bright and vivid red color by day with a Red-Orange glow by night. Red Hot glow sheets are available with or without an adhesive backing making it a versatile choice for many designs. Contact us for additional custom project quotes.

Red is a popular logo color and adding glow to that will ensure the logo stands out night and day making it ideal for camping fitness and outdoor products.

Note: As Red is a deeper richer color, it will appear less bright when compared against other Lunabrite glow colors such as LimeLight Green. However, the glow is still visible up to 8+ hours. All Lunabrite glow colors will both charge and glow continuously under Black lighting, including Red. To enhance the Red glow effect, recharge every few hours or place under Black light during usage.