An Extra Layer of Visual Safety

During disasters, emergencies, and every day dangerous situations when visibility is alarmingly limited, you need to be safely seen. Our patented glow in the dark trim provides an extra level of illumination that complements and enhances safety equipment and clothing such as Hi-Viz jackets and vests, protective hardhats, all weather work jackets, backpacks, and gear storage bags. Durable in all weather conditions, our materials provide extra visibility when electrical lighting cannot be used.

Anyone working in darkened conditions understands a small moment of distraction can result in unintended accidents. Reflective strips work when external lights hit the target area reflecting most of the light back to the source. This alerts a vehicle’s driver by seeing a reflection of light appear that was absent moments before. If the driver is distracted at the moment it appears, the flash of light may not be noticed because as soon as the headlight points past the target, the reflective light terminates.

Unique Technology Unlike Any Other

Our proprietary materials work directly opposite to reflective tape making it the ideal complement for ultimate safety. Adding glow in the dark materials can increase personal visibility because it glows during the absence of external light. Strong lights must shine directly on reflective tape to observe the reflective crystals, without light there is no reflection. Lunabrite glows in the absence of external light thereby assuring ongoing illumination no matter what the situation. Reflective strips combined with high impact glow in the dark materials provide maximum protection.

Lunabrite assures that extra level of safety when added to equipment or apparel for public safety, traffic control, local landscape, construction, crossing guards, community volunteers, rapid response and emergency services.

Long Lasting and Dependable for Remote Locations

Lightweight and durable, this maintenance free illumination lasts for many years without replacement. No batteries, bulbs or wires are needed, eliminating costly maintenance and reducing the weight of the product.

Lunabrite high performance illumination charges in just 5-30 minutes under direct sun, daylight or lamplight.  The visible glow lasts for 8+ hours from dusk to dawn and is endlessly rechargeable.

Improve nighttime visibility, define object edges to confirm location, or indicate dangerous areas in darkened conditions. Once installed, the glow will illuminate daily as long as the product is exposed to sun, indirect daylight or bright lamp lights to re-charge.

Easy to Add

These high performance materials are available in a multitude of versatile formats to assure maximum flexibility for your design needs.  Sew or attach Lunabrite rope trim and ribbon to apparel and specialized clothing along seams or pockets. For large areas, LunaGel sheets and Translucent glow materials offer various options in both performance features and color choices. Contact us for custom options.

Protect Treasured Pets

Our glow in the dark materials improve nighttime visibility and safety for pets and their owners in darkened conditions. Lunabrite ensures additional peace of mind for pet owners who walk their dogs after dinner or allow them to run free in designated doggy parks as the sun sets and darkness descends.

Add a length of Lunabrite glow alongside reflective strips on dog jackets, collars, and dog vests for better illumination at night. Our patented technology offers extra visibility protecting your treasured pets during nighttime outings. With Lunabrite, playtime can continue well after dark.

Safe to use and maintenance free, Lunabrite materials can be confidently used in and around water, indoors and out, in all climates and conditions. The absence of batteries keeps your pets safe from accidental harm and there are no hazardous wires or bulbs to chew.

If extra visibility is increasingly important in emergencies, at work or during leisure play, Lunabrite offers a large range of options to enhance your Safety.