Apparel and Footwear with Glow

Apparel and Footwear with Glow

Clearly Visible

Our high performance glow in the dark materials help you create designs with contemporary style and improved safety. The result is better visibility with outdoor activities like jogging, hiking, walking and cycling on the darkest nights.  From personal apparel to commercially branded lines, our innovative glow in the dark materials are flexible and durable, ideal for jackets, shirts, caps, belts and footwear. When safety is a concern, Lunabrite glow in the dark products offer bright solutions with distinctive design to enjoy extended hours of nighttime activities.

With easy to integrate materials, glow in the dark can add a branding or logo element. It can also help you create garments and footwear that stand out from the crowd for exciting club or festival attire.

Formats to suit Your Project

Our glow products are available in several versatile formats to maximize your design options. Whether you would like a glowing trim accent, a zip pull or a large area of glow fabric, we are here to help.

Subtle lines can be accented with glow rope trim or ribbon. These materials are easily attachable to most fabrics and materials with traditional sewing methods. Our glow in the dark round trim is flexible and pliable, integrating invisibly into garment seams. Round glow trim includes a ¼” sewable edge, perfect for tight curves or thin edges. Medium weight Lunabrite glow in the dark ribbon is tough and tear resistant. It can be die cut or cut to exact length, then sewn, stapled or glued to most materials.

If you are looking to add molded plastic accents such as zipper pulls, our glow in the dark resins will create the perfect accent. Illuminating resins are custom blended in the polymer of your choice. You can also choose custom colors and color for molding into any shape.

Long Lasting with Easy Maintenance

All Lunabrite glow in the dark formats are conveniently machine washable. Eco friendly, they add visible glow without the bulk of wires or hazard of batteries. Lunabrite recharges daily in sunlight or room light, emitting illuminating glow from dusk to dawn.

Lunabrite can be used with retro reflective technology as an ideal safety solution offering ultimate peace of mind.

Select from our cool color palette of night glow colors: (Arctic Blue, Spring Green, Limelight Green, Lilac Sky, Mango Tango or Sunset Red).

Contact us for special orders or custom colors.