Architectural & Outdoor Spaces

Design Ideas: Outdoor Spaces

 Efficient and Functional

Lunabrite glow in the dark can help accentuate pathways and back porch steps difficult to identify. Outline the side edges of wood steps to better navigate on dark evenings. Lunabrite recharges in natural daylight, even on cloudy or overcast days, making it a reliable and cost effective choice.

Some long rural driveways are totally dark, with no direct wiring for lamp posts. Make a set of glow in the dark landscape stakes by stapling four to five inches of Lunabrite ribbon to the tops of new wood stakes. Pound the stakes into the ground along the driveway’s edge about 4 feet apart. To double visible safety, add reflective strips as well. This cost effective solution will both illuminate and reflect for years.

For walking paths, use lengths of round rope trim secured by U shaped garden spikes to establish pathway edge illumination. Once installed, simply wipe clean with a wet sponge from time to time to remove dirt. There are no batteries to replace, no wiring and no monthly electrical costs.

Eco-friendly Features

Lunabrite complements sustainable design, green architecture, energy efficient buildings, and environmentally friendly architectural landscape lighting. It automatically recharges daily through exposure to direct sun or daylight.  Lunabrite’s soft outdoor accent lighting is fully compliant with the Dark Skies initiative and will not add to light pollution or encroachment into night skies. It is non-toxic and completely safe around children and pets. Our state-of-the-art technology glows brighter and longer than other photo luminescent products.

Lunabrite is a highly sustainable product allows you to directly contribute towards earning points in the following Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits:

EA Credit #1 – Energy and Atmosphere: Optimizing Energy Performance

IC Credit #1.1 – Innovation in Design: Exceptional Performance