Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor Adventure Seekers

Outdoor adventure seekers don’t stop when the sun goes down. For some, that’s when the fun really starts. Lunabrite glow in the dark materials help designers achieve new visions for illuminating outdoor equipment and take-along gear.

Sporting enthusiasts will appreciate new illumination features that offer both high style and convenient function. From trying to find an emergency item, to seeing where the game winning Frisbee landed, glow in the dark accents turn an invisible item into one that can be seen on the darkest night. Durable Lunabrite materials provide enhanced visibility in all weather and climates.

Improve the Experience

Whether hiking or biking along remote mountain trails or fishing off private boats and docks, there are hundreds of items where glowing illumination could improve the experience after dark. Lunabrite’s warm inviting glow is ideal for finding the way back to camp, retrieving boots or equipment before the sun rises, as visual site boundary markers, or for cozy night lighting ambience without encroaching on campsite neighbors.

You can now design innovative glow in the dark features for campers, skiers, bikers, hikers, fishing enthusiasts and serious outdoorsmen who venture out after sunset or before sunrise, and who would appreciate the convenience of reliable glow in the dark highlights added to essential elements.

Many Formats to Accommodate Design Needs

From vivid logo badges, plastic pulls and small bright grips to portable gear and tent flaps or seams, Lunabrite glow in the dark materials can be incorporated into almost any product design to increase night time visibility.

Available in round rope trim and large flat formats, Lunabrite flexible glow materials can be sized to fit. They are attachable to most surfaces, including fabrics, canvas, wood, metal, and plastic by commercially sewing, nailing, fastening, or securing with appropriate adhesives.

For injection molded or extruded plastic parts, Lunabrite Resins are made to order to be compatible with your existing resin properties. They are available in most clear base resins, in a choice of nightglow colors combined with neutral hues, soft earth tones, bold Neon, or Pantone matching daytime colors.

Durable and Maintenance Free

Lunabrite high performance glow materials provide the brightest and longest lasting glow available. There are no batteries, wires or bulbs to replace or maintain. Once installed, it is maintenance free. Outdoor tough, it is weather and UV resistant, anti-microbial, and nontoxic. Lunabrite recharges with 5-20 minute exposure to sunlight, daylight or proximity to 60W or stronger lamp lighting.

Endlessly rechargeable, Lunabrite will last for many years and countless adventures.