Photoluminescent Plastics & Molded Parts

Whether adding visual identifiers by incorporating small parts that glow, or envisioning a large area that will brightly stand out on the darkest night, our illuminating resins can add strategic features to your designs. With the highest selection of nightglow and daytime colors, your choices have multiplied to accommodate high-end design with beneficial functions and product advantages.

Visual Identifiers Add Function

Lunabrite glow in the dark resin can be custom blended with most clear thermoplastic base materials for extruded or injection molded parts. Our proprietary formulas add a bright clean glow to any clear base polymer including ABS, PolyPropylene, TPE’s and more.

Small parts made with Lunabrite glowing resin are great as visual identifiers during blackouts or in remote areas without electrical access. Any safety item featuring a small glowing part would have value when it needs to be located quickly on a dark night.

Outdoor hiking and camping gear with a small strip, zipper pull, handle or patch that glows eliminate rummaging through a tent or campsite in the middle of the night when trying to locate that one necessity without disturbing everyone else.

Hospital equipment such as patient monitors will benefit with switches or buttons that softly glow for immediate access by nurses and aides working in darkened rooms, trying to not disturb patients.

Be Safe. Be Seen.

For adventure seekers on the move, skateboards, skis, bikes and helmets can incorporate larger plastic glow in the dark elements to increase personal visibility with those around them. If it can be made in plastic, it can be made to glow.

Boaters who fish at night know that safety is even more challenging in the dark. We recommend adding Lunabrite glow features along with additional safety solutions such as reflective strips to life vests and floatables for maximum protection.

Glow Adds Magic and Boosts Interest

Highlight toys with a magical night glow element to create a brand new feature exclusive to nighttime play. Lunabrite high performance resins are available in a multitude of daylight colors with coordinating or contrasting night glow colors.  Select one color for daytime appearance, and a completely different color for nighttime glow. Decide which parts change color and which stay the same.

Landscape, deck and patio items can have a daytime look that blend well with outdoor furnishings, then softly glow in your choice of colors for enhancing the evening experience. Fresh bold daylight and nightglow colors can be formulated in combinations you specify.  Options also include Pantone color matching for custom resin orders.

Whether manufacturing small components or designing large parts, Lunabrite resin a versatile format offering high performance glow that achieves robust results. You are free to imagine and design brand new products that will stand out by day and by night.