Glow Fabrics

Introducing: New! LunaGel Fabrics

Real Glow. Real Fabric.

If you find the smooth brightness of LunaGel glow sheets irresistible, and long for a real fabric finish as well, you will be excited to discover new LunaGel Glow Fabrics.

LunaGel Glow Fabrics offer a double sided glow combining two contrasting materials providing amazing design options. One side features real woven fabric with a classic linen finish. The opposite side has the smooth durable finish of original LunaGel glow sheets. Both sides present distinctive and separate glow in the dark effects to satisfy your newest design visions.

Our LunaGel glow in the dark large sheets are available in a vinyl material with a smooth finish. In many cases Glow Sheets offer a perfect solution for sewn designs.

Designers have frequently requested a selection of real fabrics that glow to incorporate into broader projects.  Lunabrite is pleased to offer a menu of custom fabric options. When glowing, the smooth underside backlights right through the top fabric side creating a high performance glow and allowing you to design areas of night glow using real fabric.

With two exceptional surfaces, you can select the genuine fabric or smooth coated look (or both!) for many innovative applications. Easily integrated to your designs, LunaGel glow fabrics can be hand cut with scissors, die cut, commercially sewn, or glued to most surfaces.

Colors and Finishes

LunaGel bright glow sheets can be custom ordered with almost any fabric, with the exception of very stretchy fabrics like Spandex. Our sample material is available in a Classic Linen fabric. While highly dense and opaque threads such as those used for thick velvet fabrics would not be suitable, most fabrics would be acceptable, especially ones made with sheer or translucent fibers

Night glow colors for custom orders of LunaGel Glow Fabric sheets currently include LimeLight green, Arctic Blue and Turquoise.

Printing, and Special Glow Effects

If the selected fabric surface is smooth enough for printing, it can be digitally printed with logos and designs to create patterns, new colors or additional special effects.

For custom Fabric information and orders, please contact us.