Illuminating Resin

Limitless Glow Designs

If you can imagine it, it can glow! Glow in the dark specialty resin is the most versatile format for creating vibrant long lasting glow using any clear thermoplastic base. Lunabrite photoluminescent resins ensure that your design emits the brightest glow illuminating logos, accents, and fully molded parts.

High Performance Glow in Any Shape   

  • Add glow to any product or element, using your original design specs.
  • Suitable for small parts to large, from flat objects to three dimensional.
  • Proprietary technology creates the cleanest, brightest glow in your choice of base resin.
  • Seamlessly integrate precision glow in the dark pieces within larger parts.
  • Custom blended resin ideal for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding applications.
  • Pre-color and masterbatch concentrates available to accommodate your existing production needs.

Customize Your Illumination

Lunabrite resin adds long lasting, durable glow in multiple shapes and sizes to marine, landscape, outdoor adventure and safety markets, or any creative design needing additional night glow accents or highlights.

If you need colorful choices, Lunabrite offers the largest variety of bold daytime colors combined with vivid night glow choices. Your designs will stand out by day, and glow at night! Choose the ideal daytime color from light subtle shades and strong earthtones, to New Neon brights and even Pantone color matches.

Our experienced team can tailor glow brilliance to match your vision. These glow in the dark resins are custom compounded in your preferred base resin. Select from master batch concentrates compatible for in-house blending, or ready to use color glow pellets pre-mixed with your specified base polymer. We offer smaller custom trial-size batches that make it easy to get started designing.

Infinite Glow

  • Easiest way to add a unique glow feature to manufactured products for multiple markets.
  • Longest lasting glow without heavy wires, breakable bulbs, or replacement batteries.
  • Maintenance free, re-charges daily from natural daylight in minutes.
  • Tough and durable, withstands the harshest outdoor climates.
  • Lunabrite Resin can be safely used around children, pets.
  • Easy care. Wipes clean, and fully machine washable.
  • Many customizable options including compatible base materials and specific colors.

Let us color match to your Pantone color, quote a special size or suggest optional materials. Special requests are welcomed. Get started illuminating your designs today with Lunabrite Resin!