New Neon Glow in the Dark

New Vivid Daytime colors with Brilliant Photoluminescent Nightglows

Are You Ready to Design With New Neon Glow?

Our newest, most vibrant color palette is available in new Neon Glow Sheets and Neon Resins.
For the first time, bold and vibrant Daytime colors are now combined with our longest lasting Nightglows. The New Neons™ Collection features multiple Daytime colors with coordinating glowing Nightglows that are sure to impress.

A whole new world for your designs:

  • Innovative glow with bolder, highly desirable Daytime colors
  • Select same color accents that dazzle by day then glow at night
  • Design dramatic visual effects to enhance unique features
  • Same part, two colors: choose a bold color for day view that transforms into a completely different color at night
  • Easiest integration of glow in the dark elements into existing products, parts or line extensions for heightened visibility and branding

With the widest selection of high quality glow in the dark colors and combinations anywhere, the new Neons are available in illuminating resins, flat glow sheets and other versatile custom formats.

Our patented Neons glow for 8+ hours and are endlessly renewable by natural light. Additionally, Lunabrite glow materials are non-toxic and CPSIA compliant.

Add More Impact to Your Designs
Integrating Neon Glow Sheets and Resins into your designs has never been easier. With a broad range of colors to choose from the possibilities are endless. “Wow!” your customers with vivid day accents and the dramatic impact of long lasting nightglow performance.

If you prefer a custom look, create your own distinct look by selecting the color combinations that best enhance your product or project. Our skilled technical team can create custom colors or match to Pantone to seamlessly integrate and enhance line branding.

New! LunaGel ™ Glow Sheets
Vivid neon color combinations in a large vinyl sheet format featuring bright Daytime colors with brilliant Nightglows for bright, even color with dramatic visual appeal.

Bold daytime colors with compelling night glow materials

  • Your design will stand out both night and day
  • Attractive, flexible and highly durable for long-term use
  • Smooth surface can be silk-screen printed and die cut
  • Versatile and easy to incorporate, can be sewn, glued, nailed or stapled to most clean dry surfaces
  • Also available with an adhesive backing for exact size full attachment

New Neon Glow in the Dark Resins

Design with this new exciting color palette of 10 bright Daytime colors and coordinating Nightglows. Expand your creative options like never before!
New Neon Resins feature exciting Daytime colors with brilliant Nightglows in custom blended resin for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding applications.

  • Neon glow resins available in any clear resin base
  • Pre-color and master batches for processing versatility
  • Maximum ease of processing for injection or rotational molding designs
  • Our technical team can create custom Daytime colors to match existing brand or logo colors within your design lines
  • Lunabrite’s high performance resins deliver the cleanest, brightest glow

Order your own Neon Designer Kit today!

Get it now to inspire and visualize your next illuminating design.