Add a Durable Glow to Your Creative Designs

Lunabrite Illuminating Ribbon expands functionality for high performance applications. Lightweight and durable, this double sided glow in the dark material offers moderate stretch and flexibility suitable for apparel, matched with the tough tear-resistant performance required for outdoor gear and safety products. Whether you are looking to highlight a key design element or add a visual safety accent, Lunabrite Ribbon provides dependable dusk to dawn glow.

Bright Vibrant Glow with Strong Wear And Tear

  • Delicate and flexible yet durable and tear resistant, Lunabrite Ribbon expands options for adding bold glow in the dark to projects and surfaces.
  • TPE polymer ideal for applications needing a resilient flat sheet with a solid visual glow.
  • Choose bright LimeLight Green or vivid Arctic Blue glow with a neutral day color. Custom colors available including daytime or nightglow color matches.
  • Seamless and water proof, the material can be confidently used both indoors and out.
  • Non-toxic and CPSIA compliant, safe for everyday use.
  • Endlessly charges with exposure to sun or room light with immediate results.
  • Long lasting glow without wires, bulbs, or batteries and totally maintenance free.

A High Performing and Enduring Glow

Distinctive Features Expand Your Options

Larger than round rope trim, Lunabrite Ribbon is approximately 2.5 inches wide providing a stronger visual glow. Matte semi-translucent surface emits a double-sided glow useful for two sided projects, saving space and money. The durable satin surface can be screen printed to produce unique special glow effects. This strong stay-flat material can be cut to small widths without crimping or curling.


Durable Usage

Lunabrite Ribbon is a perfect choice for high performance glow in the dark matched with tough usage requirements. The flat flexible surface is tear resistant to withstand your most challenging tests. Lunabrite Ribbon is ideal for active apparel, outdoor products, and any design needing smooth durable glow.


Easy To Work With

Soft, flexible polymer ensures smooth integration into clothing and costumes. Tear-resistant Lunabrite Illuminating Ribbon can be precisely cut using a sharp scissors or blade. It can be die-cut and trimmed to conform to project measurement, minimizing waste. This versatile TPE material can be sewn, glued, tacked, nailed or stapled to most clean dry surfaces.


Glow with Confidence

  • Stay flat surface. Workable with minimal bulk or weight, delivering a solid bright glow.
  • Ready to Glow. Lunabrite Glow Ribbon has no middle carrier, it glows throughout from both sides, ready to be attached and enjoyed.
  • Design with ease. Ribbon strips can be die cut or trimmed, glued or sewn to add a luminous glow to just about any project.
  • Safety first. Lunabrite Glow in the dark can be safely used around children and pets, in water and all outdoor weather.
  • Easy to maintain. Long lasting, durable Ribbon is machine washable for easy care, and will stand up in tough outdoor climates.
  • Suitable for diverse applications. Lunabrite Ribbon is excellent for active apparel, high visibility apparel, safety apparel, pet safety products, glow in the dark costumes, outdoor spaces, and many other creative designs needing additional night glow accents and highlights.

New colors, formats and inspirations continue to develop from our talented technical team. Get started brightening your designs today using Lunabrite Illuminating Ribbon!