Rope Trim

Glowing Accents to Highlight Every Curve

Lunabrite round rope trim is the right choice for adding illumination to long straight lines, tight curves and small details. Easy to use, it creates glow in the dark focal points for apparel, recreational goods, outdoor spaces, and personal projects.

Bright Visible Glow When You Need It

  • Round rope design with 360-degree illumination, it glows in all
  • Three standard sizes to accommodate project needs: Small (1/8” Outer Diameter), Medium (3/16” Outer Diameter), and Large (5/16” Outer Diameter). Custom sizes and profiles also optional.
  • Recharges quickly with exposure to black light or sunlight for extended use in full darkness.
  • Popular clean bright Night Glow colors include Artic Blue, Spring Green, LimeLight, Lilac Sky, and Mango Tango.
  • Longest lasting glow without wires, bulbs, or batteries, Lunabrite rope trim is efficient and maintenance free.


Easy To Add Enduring Glow

Lunabrite high performance rope is flexible, lightweight, and easily applied to curved or straight seams and edges. Compatible for attaching to multiple materials including fabrics, plastics, wood and metal. Lunabrite round trim has a clear thin ¼” selvage edge that can be sewn, stapled or secured with adhesives to suit almost any design or application. Cleanly cuts to exact lengths with a scissors or a sharp blade, yet tough and durable to withstand heavy wear and robust weather. Lunabrite glow recharges endlessly with sunlight or other UV light exposure.


Suitable for diverse applications

  • Lunabrite glow in the dark rope is excellent for improving essential night visibility and illuminating the smallest design details.
  • Small and medium rope trim is ideal for adding night glow design highlights to branded footwear or apparel, glow in the dark costumes, pet care products and reflective safety wear.
  • Superb for adding thin flexible glow trim to athletic wear and sporting gear, as well as smaller detailing for marine, boat and fishing applications.
  • Lunabrite medium and large glow in the dark rope sizes work particularly well for private landscape, deck and dock applications of mixed materials.
  • Easy to maintain, Lunabrite rope is conveniently machine washable when sewn into apparel, and can withstand harsh winter climates when secured to outdoor decks, docks or landscapes.


Adaptable for specialized needs

  • Customizable shapes, diameters and lengths available to fit special needs.
  • Pantone or corporate color matching produced by request.
  • Quotes available for large quantities or optional materials. Special requests are welcomed.

New formats and colors continue to be developed by our talented technical team. Let us know what might inspire you to design with glow!