Highest performance photoluminescent materials to suit every design application

Bright visual accent activates with just 5 minutes of exposure to outdoor light and 30 minutes of lamplight. Charges and glows continuously under black lights

Standard TPE polymers and custom materials available to complement all your designs

Light stable, long lasting renewable illumination

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Glow Materials Guide Color Guidelines Adding Glow to Your Designs
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Glow Sheets

  • Micro thin lightweight materials offer a smooth satin finish.
  • Add brightest nightglow in designer friendly formats, colors.
  • Can be die cut, trimmed or sewn to create brilliant glow in larger areas.

  • Highest impact glow for enduring nightglow effects
  • Micro thin, flexible polymer ribbon suits a multitude of designs, expanding a multitude of designs, expanding your creative options.
  • Can be die cut trimmed to size and sewn to illuminate larger areas.

Rope Trim

  • High performance glow accents curves and edges for design and safety elements.
  • Round rope design offers 360-degree maintenance free illumination.
  • Thin clear edge for permanent attachment by sewing, stapling or gluing
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Illuminating Resin

  • Renewable illumination materials in precolor and masterbatch.
  • Daytime and Nightglow combinations including New Neons.
  • Maximum ease of processing for extrusion and injection molding.

  • Bright Daytime colors with high performance nightglow in unique colors.
  • Available in flat Glow Sheets and Resin.
  • Custom color and Pantone matches available.

  • Textile base fabric with smooth polyurethane coating offers two-sided glow.
  • Digital print on fabric surface creates new colors and effects.
  • Custom colors and finishes available.
  • Non-toxic, CPSIA compliant, Machine Washable.
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