Adding Glow To Your Designs

Adding Glow to Your Designs
Integrating glow in the dark elements into your designs is easier than ever with our multitude of formats. Whether you are working with an existing project or a brand new design, Lunabrite strives to deliver the ideal product and method to best suit your needs.

Our resin glow materials are produced using the highest performance glow crystals (also known as pigments) and integrated into a base material compatible with your product or design. Incorporating the glow crystals directly into the polymer base ensures the brightest and cleanest illumination, as well as durability.

Sewing and Glowing
Lunabrite rope trim, ribbon, LunaGel glow sheets and fabrics are all compatible for sewing applications. We recommend using a top-rated home model or a professional sewing machine. Follow the instructions you would normally use for sewing vinyl. This may mean making adjustments to the foot of the sewing machine or using a floating foot intended for this purpose. For best results, larger loopier stitches tend to work better when sewing Lunabrite materials, especially with thicker fabrics or materials that have minimal stretch or give.

All Lunabrite formats can be cut to size using scissors or a sharp blade, such as a crafter’s matte knife.

For more detailed advice on sewing techniques, please visit our blog here.

Gluing with Glow
Adhering our glow materials to other substrates is partly dependent upon that surface’s bondable characteristics. Lunabrite materials are made with polymer components, therefore a strong specialty adhesive may be necessary to assure full adhesion.

Most Lunabrite products feature a smooth surface. While this may be a highly desired visual characteristic, most adhesives bond more firmly to rough surfaces. However we have had good success with adhesives such as E6000 in gluing plastic to itself and to other materials. As always, we recommend that you test a small sample to determine which glue works best for your particular applications.

Our Neon Glow Sheets offer a peel and stick adhesive backing that stick strongly to most clean dry surfaces.

Molding Plastic Parts That Glow
Our specialty resin is meant to be used in professional equipment for molding plastic parts. For brightest results in processing, we highly recommend starting with very clean equipment. This is typically accomplished with a purge compound or conducting a full clean-down.

We also suggest running processing temperatures on the high side of the manufacturer’s recommendations. Most machine operators can observe and adjust accordingly on the first run, from a sample or test batch.

Adding UV stabilizers or using a base resin with UV additives is not recommended with our standard formulas. Most UV stabilizers block the light that is necessary to charge the glow crystals mixed into the base resin. If you need information about additives you wish to specify, please contact us to determine compatibility.

Custom Glow Formulation Services
We are experts in creating unique formulations across a wide range of materials, beyond the standard applications listed on our website. We welcome your most unique projects, and invite you to contact us for more information about our custom services.