blue-arrow2 What is Lunabrite?
Lunabrite products are high performance glow in the dark materials that illuminate when placed in full darkness. Easily recharged by UV light (natural daylight, lamp or black light) in just 5-30 minutes, Lunabrite emits glow for 8+ hours in the dark until fully recharged again. Available in a variety of versatile formats, Lunabrite materials are non-toxic, weather resistant, and can safely be used around children, water and pets.
blue-arrow2 How does it work?
Lunabrite incorporates several proprietary technologies for superior performance. It works at the molecular level by absorbing the energy of UV light through exposure to sun, lamplight or black lights. When the charging light is removed, the absorbed energy is slowly emitted as a bright glowing light. The brightness of glow is dependent on color selected, dimensions of material used, and darkness of surroundings. Lunabrite is either charging or emitting light, depending on the presence of another light source. The only known failure of Lunabrite is to receive no recharging light or if used where area night lighting is already strongly present.
blue-arrow2 What type of light works best to charge Lunabrite?
Daylight and black lights are the quickest and most effective as they offer a full UV spectrum for charging. Both indoor and outdoor daylight work fine as long as Lunabrite is exposed for at least 5 minutes. Maximum glow is achieved in 30 minutes or less depending strength of the UV lightsource. You cannot over-charge Lunabrite. Keeping it in the sun or under a lamp maintains its maximum charge until placed in darkness. To quickly “super charge”, put Lunabrite in a bright sunny window or directly under a table lamp (60 watts or higher) for a couple of minutes. It will charge very quickly and glow immediately when placed in darkness. Amongst light sources, fluorescent lighting has the lowest amount of UV spectrum and strength and requires the maximum charging time.
blue-arrow2 How is Lunabrite different from other light alternatives?
Unlike LED or Electro luminescence (EL wires), Lunabrite needs no batteries, bulbs or wiring. Although not as bright as wired LED or lighting, its benefits include being portable to use anywhere, lightweight and flexible when incorporating into apparel design, and attachable to almost any surface. Lunabrite can be integrated into most product designs either using pre-made trim or resin for molded parts. The materials have zero heat output, are maintenance free after installation, can save money and are far more eco-friendly than most alternative light sources.
blue-arrow2 How is Lunabrite different from Retro Reflective products?
Retro reflective and Lunabrite lights actually work in opposite ways. Retro reflective requires an external light to shine directly on it (such as car headlights), bouncing the light back from the reflective area to show its presence. Lunabrite emits light in darkness without needing a light source to reflect. It actually changes from light emitting to re-charging phase when bright lights shine directly on it. For some applications, it is beneficial to use both Lunabrite and retro reflective materials for maximum safety, offering visibility under both dark and spotlight conditions.
blue-arrow2 How is Lunabrite different from “Glow in the Dark” items like the original glowing ceiling stars?
Unlike the original glow in dark items, Lunabrite is robustly brighter, durable and longer lasting. Based on a patented and new proprietary formula, Lunabrite glow is as much as 10 times brighter and lasts approximately 10 times longer than products made with the old Zinc Sulfide technology.
blue-arrow2 Has Lunabrite been tested in extreme weather conditions?
Lunabrite materials are very stable and perform well at temperatures from Cold to Hot; –30 Degrees to +120 Degrees Fahrenheit. Lunabrite polymer based materials are machine washable using a gentle cold water cycle and air dryable with no loss of brightness.
blue-arrow2 How many years will Lunabrite last?
The glow crystals used in all Lunabrite products last for many years. They have been successfully tested for up to 25 years with minimal loss of glow performance. There is very little diminishment in light output of Lunabrite materials, however surrounding base polymer may yellow slightly over time causing 5% or less reduction in glow over time.
blue-arrow2 What types of products are available?
Lunabrite is currently available in several versatile formats:- Lunabrite Rope Trim: round clear piping with an attachment edge in three standard diameters for 360 degree illumination that is easy to sew, glue or nail for instant results
– Lunabrite Ribbon Trim: flat, thin and flexible for a glowing logo accent or solid band
– LunaGel GlowSheets: large smooth lightweight glow sheets for fabrics and apparel
– New Neons: Bright Daytime colors with Nightglows in flat sheet or resin formats
– Lunabrite Glow Fabrics: Superior large flat glow sheets with real fabric material
– Lunabrite Illuminating Resin: raw material resins in your choice of base plastic for creating molded parts that glow, available in our largest range of colors
blue-arrow2 What type of surfaces can Lunabrite be attached to?
Lunabrite flat sheets, round trim and ribbon can be mechanically attached to almost any surface: fabrics, canvas, wood or metal and more. Lunabrite can be sewn, stapled, nailed or adhered using commonly available adhesives such as E6000.
blue-arrow2 I flipped my lights on and off (or I went outside after being in a brightly lit house) and it took me a few seconds until I was able to see Lunabrite. Why is that?
It takes the human eye a few seconds to adjust to darkness. This is similar to the effect of walking into a darkened movie theater. If you flip lights on and off, your eyes will take a few moments to correct to night vision darkness. To adjust more quickly if walking from a bright room into a dark room, close your eyes for a few seconds before viewing anything in the dark.
blue-arrow2 What colors are available?
We currently offer 7 Nightglow Color Categories:
– Bright Green: LimeLight, Neon Green, Kiwi Green, Screamin’ Green
– Bright Blue: Arctic Blue, Brilliant Blue
– Bright Aqua: Spring Green, Turquoise
– Bright Purple: Lilac Sky, Purple Mountain, Very Violet
– Bright Yellow: Citrus Yellow
– Bright Orange: Tangerine, Mango Tango
– Bright Red: Sunset Red, Red Hot
blue-arrow2 Which colors glow the longest?
Green and Aqua hues are most visible to the human eye and offer a full 8+ hours of visible glow. For more information on Lunabrite Glow Colors see our Color Section on this website.

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