Glow Materials Guide

All Lunabrite products are produced using the highest performance photoluminescent materials available. We offer the brightest glow obtainable in this category. In normal daylight or when placed under lamp lights, Lunabrite absorbs and stores UV light energy. When removed from light and placed in darkness, Lunabrite disperses the stored energy as a glowing light, in a pre-specified color from a range of options.

How it Works

Glow Duration and Color
Technically most of our products will glow longer than 20 hours as measured by sensitive scientific instruments that discern glow at the lower range of human vision. For useful purposes, we prefer to say Lunabrite glow is visible to the human eye for over 8 hours in full darkness. The illumination is brightest during the first 1 to 4 hours, and thereafter diminishes slowly during the time period or becomes less obvious upon daylight.
Lunabrite can be recharged at any time, and will immediately revert to maximum brightness with a quick recharge of just a few minutes. Black lights create a unique condition allowing Lunabrite to both maintain a full charge and glow continuously at the same time.
The intensity of nightglow color varies in both duration and brightness depending on the nightglow color specified. Most colors are identifiable for at least 1-2 hours, gradually transitioning to a neutral white glow for the balance of the glow duration. The illumination will slowly decrease in color and brightness until daylight, or it can be recharged at any time back to maximum brightness using an external light source for a few quick minutes.
We continually offer new glow in the dark color choices with contrasting or coordinating Daytime color combinations, increasing your range of choices to keep current with color trends. Glow in the dark options can be added to almost any product, from soft apparel to small plastic molded parts to just about anything imaginable. For more information on our Glow Color choices see our Color Guidelines section.

Choose Your Luminous Nightglow

Lunabrite Arctic Blue Lunabrite Spring Green Glow Lunabrite LimeLight Glow Lunabrite Lilac Sky Glow Lunabrite Mango Tango Glow Lunabrite Sunset Red Glow

Material Selection
With recent advances in technology, the active ingredient in photoluminescent materials can be incorporated into many substrates. A striking nightglow feature can be added to polymer resins, vinyl, aluminum, metals and even fabrics.

Different materials will hold the glow differently.

Resin polymers can be customized to achieve greatest glow results. Our technical team will ensure the best illumination performance possible. This may include a special formulation to suit a particular resin of choice such as Polypropylene, ABS, TPW and other clear polymers.
LunaGel glow sheets are the brightest format for highest visibility and light duration. The size of the glow sheet material provides a larger area for visual impact along with an ultra-smooth surface.
Our round rope trim offers the benefit of a full 360 degree glow along with a ¼” clear edge for invisibly sewing into seams or attaching to flexible parts. The glow output is positively influenced by a larger diameter glow area. For example our Medium (3/16” Outer Diameter) size will appear to emit twice the glow as the thinner size (1/8” Outer Diameter). Technically the brightness of glow if measured is the same, but it will appear visually brighter due to its increased mass.
Lunabrite Ribbon and Translucent sheets have no carrier layer. Photoluminescence is evenly distributed throughout, offering a double-sided glow. There is no front or back side, both sides glow equally. This can be beneficial when needing glow to emit from both sides, such as a camping tent window, flag or sign marker.
To achieve your project’s ideal specifications, custom formulation services are available. Contact us for more details.