Glow Sheet Options

Glow Sheet Comparison Chart LunaGel Neons Hi-Viz Translucent
Daytime Colors Neutral (opaque) Brilliant Blue, Screamin’ Green, Citrus Yellow, Natural, Red Hot and Tangerine (opaque) Neutral (opaque) Neutral (translucent)
Night Glow Colors LimeLight Green, Arctic Blue, Turquoise Turquoise, LimeLight Green, Yellow-Green, Red and Orange LimeLight Green LimeLight Green
Description Lightweight and flexible vinyl sheet in neutral day color with three bright night glow colors. Opaque non-glow white on the reverse side. Bright Neon daytime hues with coordinating night glow colors on a lightweight, flexible vinyl sheet. Opaque non-glow white on the reverse side. Very bright glow on a heavy weight flat vinyl material, backed with strong 3M adhesive. Thin and semi-opaque vinyl sheet has maximum flexibility and glows equally from both sides. Unique for numerous specialty applications.
Product Advantages
  • Most versatile, high performance bright glow sheet
  • Soft and flexible draping with fabric-like qualities
  • Sewable with modest amount of stretchiness for active wear
  • Non-toxic phthalate free
  • Largest variety of day and night color combinations
  • Flexible, yet highly durable
  • Brightest day colors for signage, set decoration, three dimensional pieces and more
  • Order with or without adhesive backing
  • Brightest night glow
  • Thickest sheet with maximum durability
  • Used for professional safety grade applications
  • Meets industry safety standards
  • Double-sided glow can be viewed from any direction
  • Suitable for die-cutting
  • Translucence allows light to pass through for unique effects
  • Bright long lasting glow
Outdoor Usage Yes Not as a permanent setting Yes Yes
Thickness in inches .013 (without adhesive) .013 (without adhesive)
.023 (with adhesive)
.030 (with adhesive) .012 (without adhesive)
Size 24” width sold in 1 foot length increments 19.6” x 19.6” square 9.6” width x 19.6” length 24” width sold in 1 foot length increments
Optional 3M Adhesive Backing No Yes Yes No
Standard order Yes Yes Yes Custom Order only
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